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Vehicle NAMES and 'CAB ART'

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Something not discussed on here before (?) is the practice of naming vehicles and applying artwork. Thought it would might make for an interesting thread - WW1 through WW2 to present day, all entries welcome!


I'm sure I've seen photos of WW1 tanks with names applied?


There must have been a few amusing ones in National Service days!


The only 'proper' pin-up style artwork I've come across was on a WW2 Diamond T tipper on a Pacific island, will try to find the photo.


Often the reason for choice of name / art is fairly self-explanatory, but one I found recently has really got me wondering 'Why?".

This was on a USAAF Federal C-2 wrecker at an East Anglian bomber base:



Small Fry.JPG

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Sometime ago I bought a small collection of original WWII US Signal Corps prints,all showing vehicles in the ETO. Some had been previously published but others I have not seen before.

The original caption for this is Close-up of eight-inch Howitzer's "cat" being pulled from ditch by another "cat" tractor. photo by Lawrence Riordan,passed for publication Aug.45.


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This is from the Life Magazine archive and shows a Ninth Air Force P-47 and Cletrac in France. The pin-up on the battery cover of the Cletrac is taken from the August 1944 Vargas calendar. I suspect rather than being painted she has been cut from the calendar and pasted on.



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Thought that you might like to see one of our motors depicting the red ball run, my GMC is painted on this side and my Halftrack on the other side, this side shows the red ball route......... this truck creates a lot of interest where ever it goes.:kissoncheek:

Smallwood  May09 016.jpg

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You might like to see the other side then. When ever french international truckers draw along side of this truck being left hand drive they get a very good view of the cab, they usually do a quick double take, then stick up their thumb in approval.

Smallwood  May09 017.jpg

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Here are some from the R.A.F armoured car regiment the first photo is ( Cheetah - Tigris - ? - ? Last one I think is Jubilee and the one with the skull does this count as cab art ?.

Bill :nut:




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