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  1. Thank you both for your reply's . Another question is would nyloc nuts have been in use in 1943 ? I would have thought not on Halftracks , looking for correct 3/8 UNF lock nuts for the armour bolts.
  2. We are restoring an IHC Half Track so it has to be British but what colour Olive drab should it be ? Same as the US vehicles ? I'm always surprised by how many variations there seem to be for a single colour , some are greener some are yellower.... I'm just confused . Any advice re colour and supplier welcome Thanks Graham
  3. Good evening Gents , I am restoring an IH Halftrack and have a few questions that I will post here but also thought this could be a thread that other IHC owners could use to post questions and answers . Everyone I have spoken too and with has been very helpful and friendly so thanks for all your help so far....... Question .......what colour is correct for a wartime British Army Halftrack ? Much like everyone with US vehicles it seems that there are many shades and opinions and "Olive Drab" can vary by several shades . My M5A1 is ex REME and was it seems was totally rebuilt in around 1964 so any evidence I can find is lost and painted Bronze Green or coated with Red Oxide even right up under the dash . Question.........what are the correct lock nuts for the armour bolts etc ? 3/8 UNF I know .....part is listed as H1-07-25853 Nut Safety 3/8-24 N.F.3 but Nylocks were I would have thought post war ? Currently collecting parts and waiting for better weather for sandblasting and painting ;-)
  4. Gents , Not sure of this is of interest to anyone but I am having some downpipes made for the RED450 fitted to IHC Halftracks . I have been unable to find NOS . These will look as original and not be "cut and shut" sections . They will have a welded joint but it will be invisible and just below the mainfold flange. If you would like or need one then post here or by PM .......provisional price is £120- £130 per pipe . It make's no difference to unit cost if I have 1 or 10 made as they are hand built .
  5. Thank you for the comments and advice . Don't want to make kit look worn out , just worn ;-) . I've pretty much achieved that with my HBT tankers overalls as they are now liberally coated in oil , mud and diesel from laying under tanks at Mons and A&E . Jacqui's buckle boots just look way too new and thought I would seek advice here rather than go it alone and "age" them and then get my wife's displeasure ......
  6. Had a search and couldn't find any thread on this subject . I'm not a re enactor but do feel as a vehicle owner and also often riding /driving other peoples vehicles it is only fair to try and look the part for those who like to take photo's etc. Question is how do people age their new kit ? In our case often purchased from SOF. and looking way too new and shiny . For example my long suffering wife has a pair of new buckle boots that look too bright and new in their almost yellow suede . Some say to dubbin them but do you just put clear dubbin on to the rough out leather or what do you do ? Often running the vehicle is enough of a drain on the owners pocket so original uniform is both out their price range and often in my case size range ;-) ...were they really all midgets ;-) Just thought I can't be alone in wanting to make stuff look worn and used without having to sleep in a ditch for several weeks . Idea's ....tips and thoughts welcome .
  7. Have you tried Ivo at BAIV ? They have a Leopard and good contacts
  8. Thank you very much Simon, Currently have very limited mobile signal , I will PM you when I get home tonight . Best Graham
  9. Restoring an M5A1 Halftrack . We probably need loads more parts but started with the dash ....:-D We need a fuel gauge and an engine temp gauge . Also possibly an old canvas that's serviceable and a fuel tank . Wish the pound was better against the Euro and Dollar :-D
  10. I think it may be whats left of a canvas pop type stud to hold on canvas upper doors. I'm currently doing similar with an IHC M5A1 ....untouched since service with the REME . Many mods and differences from wartime spec .....I think it had a full rebuild around the early 60's , certainly the engine was rebuilt in 64 by the British Army
  11. You could use the UV type dye we put in Aircon systems as a leak detection aid .
  12. While I wish them all the best with the project it must be remembered that the RAF saw fit to stop flying Typhoons pretty soon after VE day , while the risks were worth taking in wartime the Typhoon was not regarded as safe for peacetime flying Pierre Clostermann touches on this in his book The Big Show and even his beloved Tempest with the Sabre was not immune As an aside even in the depths of WW2 locals were very vocal about the noise of the Sabre engines when Tempest or Typhoons were based nearby .....probably the loudest engine of WW2
  13. Hi also looking for the same.....plus any other IH Halftrack parts. Thanks
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