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  1. Hi, can anyone suggest or advise an alternative carb for an Austin K9. The original Zenith we have, previously refurbished, has so many rods and levers, working parts that all seem to be losing a bit in movement and effort it is a boogah to adjust, also looking for one that is suitable and not governed etc, any other simpler makes that are compatible? Oh for a solex or similar lol.
  2. wee amendment Iain both C60L and the GPW are 1943 lol
  3. Still looking for definitive answers re MOT of our 1943 Chevy C60L Wrecker and if it now needs an MOT as it can be classed as a breakdown truck on and HGV chassis. This would mean plating, fitting side bars and rear bumpers to modern standards etc which would totally change vehicle and render it non accurate for the period etc, also annual testing by DVSA etc. Gary
  4. Hi. looking for best source of IAT or similar anti freeze for ww2 vehicles in UK. All the places I have tried seem to have modern OAT stuff which can be harmful to older vehicles. Any links or ideas welcomed Gary
  5. opening up thread again to ask about this pump I have and trying to confirm it is for a K9 as numbers seem to be different from previous replies above. Any help appreciated as having trouble getting it to pump fuel although it does it be hand pumping the lever as well as the hand primer. thanks Gary
  6. used to love going down to the QMs at Angels and was good friends with Mike Ross and his (late) brother Badger (who had a M3 Lee (or was it a Grant?) tank) in the 70s. almost anything could be bought there and regret not buying a working US WW2 flamthrower on weekend when I visited, it was about £25 then Gary
  7. [h=1]Light Car Patrols 1916-19: War and Exploration in Egypt and Libya with the Model T Ford [Paperback][/h]Russell McGuirk (Author), Captain Claud H. Williams (Author) WW1 predecessor of the LRDG Captain Claud Williams memoir tells, first-hand, what it was like to be a Light Car Patrol commander during the First World War, while Russell McGuirk s commentary provides the historical background to the formation of the Patrols and follows their activities from the British raid on Siwa Oasis to desert exploration and survey work and the Kufra Reconnaissance Scheme. Lavishly illustrated wi
  8. Re landing craft, I might have it on camera as the car is fitted with roadhawk camera, would need to trawl the footage on the memory card ADDED- found it on car camera at 1159 hrs seen on back of blue truck flatbed, not very clear as i was travelling at 70mph Gary
  9. See the same landing craft heading southbound on M1 when I was going north from Harrow to Glasgow. Only posted this when I got home but it was about 12ish Gary
  10. soxmis, short for Soviet Mission and did what was explained in previous message
  11. Just renewed my jeep insurance today....Footman James (my previous insurer) £177 whilst Adrian flux £108 for same comprehensive cover/deal + a 14 day deal if I find even cheaper they will refund difference.
  12. One thing I enjoyed was the tube of jam (usually Blackcurrant, raspberry, gooseberry or Damson) great to suck out on a tab or spread over the hard tack. The other was the green tube of margarine to fry with or lube rusty items and waterproof weapons- smelled rancid though. Remember the baconburgers (in different menu box from bacon grill - wrapped in grease and heartburn for most of day) One supplementary ration from the NAAFI was the small tins of creamola foam to add to the purified 'swimming pool' water bottle. Character building and great times Gary
  13. Bumping again to see if any joy on replica or dead batteries etc gary
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