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  1. thank you goes to show time and hard work pays in the end.
  2. well every one the end is nearly in sight, remaining jobs are bonnet, wire in head lights and sort out the wind screen wipers and that will be her done. will be sending the registration paper work off to DVLA tomorrow so will be on the road very soon can't wait! 4 years this december when i purchased the truck and never driven it out the yard so happy days are coming. hope every one is keeping safe & well regards sam
  3. got new wind screens fitted last night and the bonnet has returned from being shot blasted so that is know being worked on. managed to get the nova number last week as well so started the registration process. hopefully be driving it on the road this year.
  4. not managed to do to much on the rogers but got the turn table blasted and painted last weekend.
  5. no worries thought i'd offer before parting it out.
  6. nice job your doing, don't know if it is of any interest to you but i have the Hercules RXC engine out of one off these trucks. with the Autocar specific parts like the updraft carb and aluminum sump etc. regards sam
  7. finally had a week off (last week) so had some me time with the diamond and it is amazing how much you can get done in a week. wiring in 7 pin trailer plug floor mat as the smooth floor is a bit slippery and just adds a bit of comfort for the long trips planned. ballast box with under side already top coated and top side primed/rubbed down ready for top coats. just like that it almost looks finished! fully ballasted with about 10 1/2 - 11 ton of cast steel blocks. have been test driving the truck in the field and it pull
  8. the M9 only has 2 hand brake wheels John one on the nearside front corner and one on the front face of the dolly it self in the middle.
  9. pics should help with the differences between the trailers John & Wally. but Diamond T with a 50 ton looks bout write to me. regards sam
  10. a clearer close up pic of the trailer would certainly help the identity as Cranes used a lot of the same parts as used on their 40 ton trailer. the large castings that carry the axle springs are very distinctive to Crane trailers. i am basing my assumption that this might be the Cranes trailer on the date the photo was taken as it's mean't to be prior to the Dyson built 50 tonners. out of interest Wally how detailed are the plans and drawings of the Dyson that you have? regards sam
  11. evening every one i have been reading the book about Cranes of Dereham "we built trailers" and there is a very small paragraph about them being asked by the mod to design a trailer with 50 tons capacity in the late 40's. Cranes produced drawings and built a prototype which reading the description is the same as a Dyson 50 ton. ounce the prototype was built and tested the mod gave the drawings to Dyson who then got the contract to build the trailers. so is the photo of the prototype built by Cranes? or one of the very first Dyson built trailers?
  12. not much to report on the Diamond as i am actually running out of jobs to do on here which seems odd after 5 years. both diesel tanks, mud guards and battery box lids are know on, and got the new 300 ft winch cable fed onto the drum 2 weeks ago. all that is left is: repair bonnet blast/paint ballast box new wind screen glass & rubber inner door skins wire in head lights fit windscreen wiper motors & pipe work stencils so no excuses not to have it finished for next season.
  13. is this the truck Richard Taylor owned near Hop farm? nice to see it is getting the full chassis up treatment look forward to seeing it progress.
  14. no trailer is still sat there i couldn't trace an owner so land owner and the quarry didn't want to really get involved as far as doing a deal on it. got myself another trailer project know so i don't know what the future holds for this 50 tonner
  15. i have 2 NOS filters for my trailer as originals are missing. think they are simple multi stacked layers of brass discs which you remove, clean and re stack.
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