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  1. Hi, As this Panther was shown at a Cairns Museum open day immediatly after the above news video was taken, has anybody got a video to show of the weeked events ??
  2. Good video, lovely to see it moving, but why the incredible story, Normandy and Norrie on the 9th June (that makes it 12 SS), then again in the Ardennes, really how incredible to happen to have a panzer with such a history !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers paul
  3. Hi Kevin, Ok, no problem. cheers Paul
  4. Hi 11th Armd, Sorry but yes, you do not know any details, so why take such a pessimistic view of the StuG and its owner, in fact there are no strings attached, its freely loaned to Bovington, and all they have to do is put fuel in it, it is availabe when and wherever they want to use it, can use their own qualified drivers. All other costs are bourne by the owner. No other costs other than fuel, but have shown very little interest, really do not want it, and they have had this attitude long before Covid 19 was around. cheers paul
  5. Hi Bob, Maybe just model a 320, you will not be far wrong, or maybe even correct. You have some dimensions for a 320, its wheelbase is 2880 mm, that is always a good start for scaling a vehicle, wheels are 6,50 - 20, which gives an overall diameter 33 inches (840 mm) another useful dimension, (happens to be the same as the 340 wheel size).. The rear boot layout of these Reichwehr Kubels often varies , on some the bodywork ends just behind the rear seats and two strapped down storage boxes are then added, some have a single box, with room either side, maybe thats what you have here wi
  6. Ho Bob, Like I said a couple of notes above, if you are happy with a 320 then make a 320, but also like you, I think your Caiffiers photo is slightly different, it looks longer and slimmer that a 320, hence my suggestion that it was a 340, but again not all detail points match. So maybe its a hybrid of some description,...................?? so if you really want a model of the Caiffiers vehicle, just make your model exactly as what you see in the photo, and forget what its M-Benz number might me. cheers Paul
  7. Hi Bob, If you really want to construct a M-Benz Kubel it might be an idea to do a 320 WK, as there are a lot more photos arond of them with some 1700 built as opposed to just 41 of 340 WK. Yes, you might have to buy several kits to get all the parts you want, and then modify or scratch some more. So best of luck, cheers PAUL
  8. Hi Bob, That kit is a Stoewer, Hanomag or BMW manufactured lEpkw which has a wheelbase of just 2400mm as against a 320 at 2880mm and the 340 at 3300mm, and of course LxWxH are different again. But modelling can change anything if you wish. . Also found out that only 41 M-B 340 WK were built, so your Luftwaffe photo vehicle may or may not be one, being so rare makes it difficult to identify properly, but your two photos should help. So I have to say I am hedging my bets about your original photo be a 340, needs more investigation. M-Benz had a large range of Kubelwagen like the
  9. Hi Bob, I meant that Nick's M-Benz 320WK is the second photo down below your initial photo. ☺️ Am looking for a photo of a 340, they are rare and not always that easy to tell apart from a 320 photo. Not at all familiar with what model kits are out there, but you never know, might be one. cheers PAUL
  10. hi, Would say that the Luftwaffe Kubelwagen is a M-Benz 340 WK, almost identical to the 320 WK but a bit longer and slimmer looking, the 320 wheelbase was 2880mm whereas the 340 was 3300,mm.. The second photo down from Nick is the 320 WK,. different gaps between rear doors and rear mudguards, slightly wider doors, slightly more of a gap bwteen the two step in plates, and so on. The 320 and 340 are hugely different to the mEpkw in most areas, apart from the wheelbase again, 3100mm for the mEpkw, tyre size, LxWxH and so on are all different.. Not sure there is a kit out there of
  11. I believe that just a few years ago there were no examples of StuG IV in existance, and now apparently five, thats great and good to know. Calling it a "bitsa" is unfriendly, does anyone expect to find 80/90/100% complete German tanks just sitting around, slightly rusted for somebody to find. Reconstruction is a major part of any collection and AAAH are doing a fine job and ought to be congratulated. And whatever mechanicals are used to power this vehicle is fine by me. cheers lennard
  12. Hi Goran, The only military vehicle type that I am aware of that this curved heater screen could fit is any of the Kfz 21 Kommandeurwagens types, mHorch, sHorch, Skoda etc., which had curved one piece windscreens, but as it does not look at all military with shiny metal parts, its most likely for any civilian car with a one piece curved windscreen. cheers PAUL
  13. Hi Bassetts, So is it real or repro, have to admit there are many odd details on this Kubel, have you any more information to give it some authenticity? cheers PAUL H
  14. Hi John, Bad luck, so you never went at all even by car ? Am still looking for photos and film of the NOTEK Colume runout, must be out there somewhere, any ideas.. cheers PAUL
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