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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/220395928292041/
  2. so that's just me and thee then mate , rest are missing a great free show lol
  3. Lytham war weekend , yes us , Willys and auto union munga, 15 min away
  4. can anyone tell me about this please ?my partner found it in a bag of jewellery..........
  5. Welcome along mate, get along to lytham wartime weekend in august , fantastic weekend and it's free, regards mark
  6. We made a separate canvas that fitted under the main one worked great,
  7. We had a we 51 for 25 years , it had an all steel rear body , the only wood was the seat slats, it was re registered, what's that like inside?
  8. 8 in set , only 7 in pic due to it not being finished at time of photograph
  9. munga 4 full set in canvas ,hand made ,£400 collection only im afraid, had a set on ours a couple of years ,very comfy
  10. a friend has a 40 dated one that has the normal cross on , this 39 must be more unusual then, was a car boot find this morn..............
  11. The Bedford QL was ex John Harrison(land rover guy blackpool) then was at the Farmer Parrs site in Fleetwood ......
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