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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/220395928292041/
  2. so that's just me and thee then mate , rest are missing a great free show lol
  3. Lytham war weekend , yes us , Willys and auto union munga, 15 min away
  4. can anyone tell me about this please ?my partner found it in a bag of jewellery..........
  5. Welcome along mate, get along to lytham wartime weekend in august , fantastic weekend and it's free, regards mark
  6. We made a separate canvas that fitted under the main one worked great,
  7. We had a we 51 for 25 years , it had an all steel rear body , the only wood was the seat slats, it was re registered, what's that like inside?
  8. 8 in set , only 7 in pic due to it not being finished at time of photograph
  9. munga 4 full set in canvas ,hand made ,£400 collection only im afraid, had a set on ours a couple of years ,very comfy
  10. a friend has a 40 dated one that has the normal cross on , this 39 must be more unusual then, was a car boot find this morn..............
  11. The Bedford QL was ex John Harrison(land rover guy blackpool) then was at the Farmer Parrs site in Fleetwood ......
  12. can anyone tell about this can before I get rid of it , the reinforcement cross is different than the normal ones...cheers
  13. Welcome along mate,we all love loads of pics on here!.......
  14. thought you might like this bunting my sister made for my birthday , she usually makes flowers etc for weddings , but also does vw campers , and this is her first set of jeeps ............. https://www.facebook.com/BirdHousePaperDesigns/
  15. or try here......................................https://www.facebook.com/groups/220395928292041/?ref=bookmarks
  16. get on the munga thread on here mate ....regards mark
  17. not at mo , just want to know about it , had it 30 years or so .cheers
  18. all we got left , pair of diffs ,came off a command car ........
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