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  1. well just a update the car is now up for sale when I went to Cleethorpes for the army day I fell of it I also went to the Yorkshire wartime experience with nearly the same thing happening again so I have decided to sell it I will have to look for some thing that I do not have to get a ladder to get into it ha-ha it is on ebay in kit cars and also on milweb
  2. Splendid show I was there on Saturday sunny weather and lotsof interest in the car
  3. Hi just a question as any one got to a time in their life that they have had to give up something that they like doing I.E. showing their military vehicles be cos they are two big ore repairing them ? In my case I have now reach that point last weekend at the Cleethorpes army day I fell of my armoured car suffering cuts and bruiser’s and this weekend at the Yorkshirewartime experience I was unsteady again so I will now put it up for sale and look for something I do not have to use a ladder to get into it . :-)
  4. welcome to the forum :wave::wave:
  5. welcome to the forum bit after my time in Ireland . cheers bill:)
  6. welcome to the forum you will have to post some moor photos your vehicles. cheers bill
  7. just a few words and photos about Cleethorpes armed forces day I was invited to take part for the weekend and what a good time I had I was well look after and went on the parade round the town [video=youtube_share;5QLy0EgW-VI]
  8. welcome to the forum and lots of pictures of the build please :cheesy:
  9. thanks for all the replies I have seen the council man and he is going to see if any one else makes a complaint and he will take it from there I have let it be know to the one I think is the one complaining that if I have to move it I will park it on the road outside their house and let them look at it all day and let my brother park is Luton van in its place on the drive all this because they cannot look up the street with out going to there gate to nosey :nut::nut::nut:
  10. Well just had my first show last weekend at theY.M.V.T.York / Elvinton it was very good apart from the rain but there was a lot of interest in the car. The car ran pretty good I went up on the A19 but came back on theA64 and the A1 with a max speed of 64 mph with no problems the only thing is that it was very windy so I will have to have some sort of intercom for my passenger . The only down side is that I may have to let it go as I have been informed that one of my neighbours has put a complaint in say it is an eyesore and they want it moving and I have no ware to put it . So watch this space
  11. yes it was I came back on the A1 heading to Doncaster :laugh:
  12. just found this bloody good work chaps it looks a long job but the satisfaction will be worth it are you going to make it a firing tank ? .Bill :wow:
  13. well got a tent and all the kit thanks to Adam son-in-law for lending me it for this weekends Battlegroup north looking forward to going so I took the armoured car out for a run just to make sure it was ok got back checked the oil and water and found no water the thermostat had sprung a leak started to repair it and then it started raining had to pack up will try to fix it tomorrow someone up there doe,s not like me rrrrrrrrrrr >>
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