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  1. Big ray

    Big ray

    This is Tony Wilcox, Ray`s son. It is with deepest regret that I must inform the readers of this forum that my father passed away at 13.35 on Sunday 16th December. He remained the dignified man that he was until the very end but lost his most difficult challenge. It is probably the first challenge for which he could not find an answer. He found comfort sharing his past with the readers of this forum and greatly enjoyed the responses he generated. He raised me and worked with me and we also shared our interest in MV`s. I am proud of the man that I am today thanks to his input and will miss him dearly.
  2. This film was received very poorly when I went to view it immediately after WW2, the Burma vets were not too impressed, they had already been seen as the forgotten army, I think that this just seemed to rub salt into their wounds.
  3. Welcome Seb, Why not think about joining your local area group, we meet in Longton on the last Thursday of the month. You will be made very welcome, lots of support and activities to be enjoyed with like minded people..... give it a try, we have a couple of people in the Crewe area already. You will find all of the information on the MVT site.
  4. Things will probably stagnate a little due to the general economic climate and rapidly increasing prices, making it difficult to attract younger people into the hobby. I am sure that the interest remains very strong, but if you have young children and a mortgage its going to be difficult to get involved on a vehicle level.
  5. I suspect that the only person making any money would be the one selling the project, some of the prices are quite frightening.
  6. A first class series, thanks for posting this insight into the very considerable making of this fine programme.
  7. My brother used to drive his C.O. (RASC) about in one of these in Germany 1945 to 1948, he never stopped telling me what a fantastic vehicle that it was. So good luck with the restoration, like everyone else I will be waiting to follow your progress.
  8. Big ray

    Big ray

    That particular proceedure left me unable to attend the re-union, however our son Tony suggested that I should just go down on the Saturday and have dinner with everyone, which we did, and I am very grateful to him for making that possible. It was great to meet up with them all again, so I did not miss out completely.
  9. Big ray

    Big ray

    My re-union with my army buddies of the 1950s was held on the weekend of the 4th of this month (Oct) Two weeks before the event I suddenly found that I had difficulty breathing. I assumed that the condition was related to my heart condition, but went along to my doctor for a check. She immediately sent me for x-ray and blood tests at two local hospitals on the same day. I was immediately sent to a third hospital for assesment, and the following day I had my chest drained of 4 ltrs of fluid, no wonder that I could not breath, the fluid was crushing my lungs.
  10. The value of my GMC 353 as just gone up considerably, better make sure that I dont get any woodworm !!!!
  11. Yesterday, M3 Halftrack on transporter, going south on the A34. Staffordshire.
  12. Welcome in, I recently purchased a W.C. 51 myself, should have bought one years ago.
  13. You engage 4wd manually.This happened in Germany, 1957, not me I hasten to add, both driver and passenger emerged unscathed.
  14. Actually, if you are in command of all the facts, its very easy to understand why........ the second world war had its seeds sown in 1919.
  15. Would that be the author of "Achtung Panzer" by Heinz Guderian......... ???? If you have never been to Normandy, then I have to say that I, along with several of our members did a coach tour over there "out of season". We were all agreed that it was nothing like our usual visits over the 6th of June, when there are lots of re-enactors and vehicles to be seen, it certainly enhances an otherwise normal tourist experience. ( We of course are over there to express our gratitude to the men and women who made such great sacrifices to ensure freedom of determination that is afforded to us today.) Just go into the cemeteries, read a few names and say thank you.
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