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  1. Hi All I am looking for a Dash for my T16, mine is completely missing so anything considered Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I wasn't sure I should with it being US, I do need to get around to advertising it on Facebook though
  3. Decided to sell my Ben Hur Trailer. Nice overall condition, canvas is basically new, handbrake works and has a spare wheel and bargrip tyre Lights are postwar and currently not working, also the sprung loaded pin for the jockey wheel is replaced with a bolt but thats it. Tows nice, towed it behind my land rover a few times too. Perfect for putting a motorcycle in the back and also big enough to sleep in. £1200 but open to offers Located near Colchester
  4. Spent the other day helping recover a Morris C8 for a friend. Took most of a day to clear the route of old wood and rubbish so we could tow it out. Amazingly the tyres pumped back up and with a few attempts she rolled out She looks pretty original apart from the Harvey Frost crane although pretty battered and fairly rotten. Does anyone know anything about the front wheels? I didnt get a close up picture but they are not the usual split rim but have a locking ring like the GMCs etc.
  5. Thanks! Its not perfect but should be good fun
  6. Starting to look a bit smarter, windscreen in
  7. Quite a lot of progress since my last update Mainly the window surrounds for the doors and the electrics which caused a lot of grief! Still trying to sort the exhaust, it seems no two Gipsies have the same setup, will probably end up fabricating mine to fit and just do the job. Getting there, bring on the good weather to paint it!
  8. Agreed, fantastic work and all starting to come together. Gives us all something to aspire to
  9. Thanks for the info. I think there are some remains of grey in places, i assumed it was some kind of primer but what you say makes sense. Probably then repainted red and then postwar with DBG. Would be interesting to see pictures of these pumps in military service, obviously in my pumps case the towing vehicle had a very high tow hitch as it has the swan neck modification. Fantastic looking pump by the way!
  10. Looks like a fantastic project. Amazing it runs and drives so well after so many years of being stationary
  11. It was originally red, I can only guess they left the factory red and were painted green when purchased by the Army.
  12. Doesn't sound expensive to me, thats what i'd probably expect to pay for a used one
  13. Got a couple of first pattern packs but none in as good condition as that!
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