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  1. Would this be of any use? https://triumphoracle.co.uk/motorcycle-manuals/
  2. That looks like the one where I felt compelled to contact the newspaper to tell them it's NOT a tank!!
  3. Clive, My apologies, I've misled you, I meant the whole system or whatever disc you use, but that looks like a page from ISIS if my memory serves me correctly.
  4. Clive, Is it possible to get a copy of your source of supply info for reference? Paul.
  5. The NSC is correct. I'm not sure if NSNs were applied retrospectively in place of Domestic Management Codes for older equipments. I know when I was working for the MoD that this was the plan. The price seems a tad high when they can be got for less. 7310: Food Cooking, Baking, and Serving Equipment.
  6. Learn something every day
  7. You may find that it may have served anywhere in the country, but went to Telford as there was an Army Base Repair Organisation at Donnington. It is (or was) standard practice to send similar equipments to one base for repair and overhaul. Armour to Ludgershall, aircraft to St. Athan, and so on. Telford is now run by Babcock as a contractor to the Defence Support Group. Of course someone may be able to help you more with your question.
  8. I bought a Tiger Top for a CJ3B. Fortunately I happened to mention it to a chap at a show in Brean, Somerset who had a Spanish built Jeep, and he put it out on a group he was with and I was able to pass it on to a CJ3 owner and recoup the cost.
  9. You might try a company called Amayama. I don't know if their spares will be cheaper than Yokohama as I've not used anyone else.
  10. The only problem with it is that Mitsubishi put an extra 4 inches in the tub, which I didn't find out until I bought a new ragtop and it didn't fit! Had to have one made custom.
  11. I have a S-J53, Mitsubishi, version of the 1953 Willys. I have found Amayama to be very reliable. Also as in previous post it is worth searching internet for alternative parts. I found a 45 amp alternator in the UK. Saved a fortune on getting one from Japan. Also my stop lights and starter solenoid are 24v Land Rover ones. If it works :). Not so good if you want to keep it absolutely original.
  12. I was very lucky to get this. I might put it up on Flickr as well as it's the last one flying in the UK and not always spottable. As a classic aircraft other spotters might appreciate it.
  13. At about 14.30 today, doing circuits around Yeovilton, the BAC 111 ZH763 from Boscombe Down came over the flat with a suitably loud roar. Luckily it went round again, by which time I had got the camera out.
  14. I was issued one of those in cold weather at Brize Norton (1970-72) when doing ground runs as ground crew on Britannias. Was always a shame to hand it back afterwards!
  15. If I recall these were much better than the RAF blue ones.
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