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  1. Hello all, Can anyone tell me what cable part number FV604748/1 is for please?
  2. You might ask here ukmilitaryradios@groups.io. Formerly the Clansman/Larkspur group.
  3. Hello. Does anyone have a copy of the operating instructions for the Powerlite.500 WATT. 24/30V charging engine they would part with or be prepared to scan please? Thanking you in advance.
  4. Thank you, I'll have a look. It's Rover 11.
  5. Hello. Does anyone out there have the number of the CES for a 1966 Land Rover Rover 8 GS (Series 2A 88") 12 volt with contract number WV4946/AC.12a1 on it please? Alternatively if anyone has a 12 volt Rover 8 to that contract number please could you send a photo of your VIN plate. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thanks all, but got all that already. What is needed is photos of it coming under the seats, up the front of the bulkhead, back through the bulkhead to the ammeters.
  7. Is there anyone out there who has photographs or sketches of the routing of the radio and vehicle battery ammeters wiring from the shunt box to the ammeters on a 1967 S2A 109 FFR Land Rover, and would be kind enough to share them please? (I had some myself when I was getting the bulkhead replaced but a computer failure wiped them out)!
  8. Thank you Clive. Much appreciated.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a manual for Repair and Operation of Series 3 Land Rover 109 FFR vehicles? I have looked everywhere but not been able to find one.
  10. Be aware Electrothermal make 2 new boiling vessels, the RAK15 and RAK30. http://www.electrothermal.com/product.asp?dsl=770
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