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IMPS trip to Bethune

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Excellent to know there's be some other wreckers there!


I'll be there with the WLF, towing a Halftrack and with another HT for company. There's about 10 of us going as a group.


Are you camping or hotelling? We'll be staying at the 'new' IMPS campsite.


- Mike

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Hey all, so else is going?


My truck and the Halftrack are down at the MM site ready to collect on the way to Dover tomorrow late afternoon. We're camping in Calais docks tomorrow night then convoying down to Bethune on Friday and camping at the Stade Carpentiere which should be interesting. Back on Monday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing any other HMVFers there!


- Mike

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Hi Gang,

I'm on the 2300 sailing out of Dover Thursday, hope the weather picks up, I find it hard enough to find the holding area in Calais docks where we sleep Thursday night when it's dry never mind having to peer through the rain with WW2 windscreen wipers! :shake:



Stiff upper lip that man! - the weather's going to be glorious all weekend. :shocking:

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There were some english guys on our campsite in Mons (Tanks in Town) last weekend that were heading straight to Bethune, the had a couple of lovely Austins and Early CMP (I think) and a Dodge WC, Cant remember there names though!






That would have been Paul with the Austin K3, named "Vera Lynn", and Eddie with an early CMP Chev in RAF blue :)

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