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  1. Great stuff - and looks lovely! What's the story behind it?
  2. Well done - very nice! Tony
  3. Some folks would find it difficult to enthuse over all of that but that is absolutely marvellous. A great find and a great project - well done you and good luck with it all. A whole lot of people will be watching with great interest as you progress with it. Tony
  4. I think dealing with museums really does need extra care as although everything might be done and agreed by all the parties involved at the onset, museum personnel can so often change and after a passage of time those earlier agreements can be overlooked or forgotten. I do not think for one moment that there is any dishonesty involved, it is perhaps just that the agreement is not known about and in mind at a later date by different new folks involved since the agreement was made.. I know of one incident of an owner offering to give wheels to a museum - they were fitted with good tyres whe
  5. Great stuff - I admire your fastidiousness! It is going to be a wonderful job. Tony
  6. Happy Birthday, Mike!


  7. I think using nuts and bolts to replace the rivets is fair enough - in service in the field, if a rivet had to come out for whatever reason and be replaced, then it could be difficult to re-rivet away from a workshop and a nut and bolt would be an understandable and acceptable alternative! Tony
  8. 16mm is close enough - it is now just satisfying Steve wh is a Purist! Tony
  9. Superb video which I very much enjoyed! What a different way of life it was. Tony
  10. I know that you loaned yours to Steve, Andy and he did say that it was marvellous! Tony
  11. That made me laugh! When I got hold of the Dennis Diff a few years ago, the bloke who sold to us had a Packard and it was available. I did not take it up as we had enough to get on with! He may still have it - I have not seen it since! Tony
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