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  1. Great stuff - I admire your fastidiousness! It is going to be a wonderful job. Tony
  2. Happy Birthday, Mike!


  3. I think using nuts and bolts to replace the rivets is fair enough - in service in the field, if a rivet had to come out for whatever reason and be replaced, then it could be difficult to re-rivet away from a workshop and a nut and bolt would be an understandable and acceptable alternative! Tony
  4. 16mm is close enough - it is now just satisfying Steve wh is a Purist! Tony
  5. Superb video which I very much enjoyed! What a different way of life it was. Tony
  6. I know that you loaned yours to Steve, Andy and he did say that it was marvellous! Tony
  7. That made me laugh! When I got hold of the Dennis Diff a few years ago, the bloke who sold to us had a Packard and it was available. I did not take it up as we had enough to get on with! He may still have it - I have not seen it since! Tony
  8. Tim is a Joker and he likes to pull legs! Tony
  9. These last three postings made me laugh again! Tony
  10. Thanks again, Ed for all of that! I have read through that long article on AACA and very much enjoyed the story and the culmination of it all. A great entertaining few hours! Well, we are not pushed into finding the second Peerless engine as we have plenty to get on with but we know that some things turn up when you least expect them - so just wait and see. Tim would know for sure but I don't think that we have heard of any Peerless stuff in Australia or NZ and if there are any bits around, they are likely to be in France. And thank you for your offer of help shoud we be fortunate to
  11. Tim has summarised the non-availabilty of Peerless "bits" very well but we are always surprised that there is so lttle around when the British bought so many of them during the Great War. Tim found and bought four front wheels recently at an auction but we have been unable to find out where they came from so do not know their origin. The only thing that we found in the USA was a Radiator which had been retained by a family as a "keepsake" from a Tanker Lorry that they had owned for many years and had used until it died when they scrapped it but used the chassis frame as a "drag" on their farm!
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