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  1. Progress continues at a steady pace other side of cargo body all done passenger floor panel finished and fitted plumbed up fuel system properly tailgate removed and straightened next up, winch off, make new front bumper and replace toolbox floor in the cargo body (just need to flip the body over somehow?!) then blast it and fit on for the last time.
  2. it will be this time, bloomin heavy that body! made a good sled though! got the other side stripped off today
  3. 5 hood bow channels down - 5 to go. repaired the drivers seat runners, all painted ready to go on soon also straightened the cargo body head board, didn't realise how bent it was until i started work on it. removed the front end, drawing up plans for new bumper to be cut out and folded. just need some parts for the winch, a Braden MU-5A. need a free wheeling handle if anyone should have one lying around?
  4. Well after a long break from the truck (babies and work!) i have finally managed to get it into the new workshop and make some progress:-) although i have been busy finding parts - 2 x drivers seats from USA (just like buses, wait a year and two turn up at once) drivers seat runners and slides vacuum piping full set of new tyres new wiring loom lots of internal/external tooth lock washers Also made all the replacement top hat channels for the hood bows on cargo body and started to cutting grinding and welding this week, 3 down 6 to go. hopefully lots more progress in
  5. MY Bedford OXC which has the same front axle as the MW has 5/8 BSF right and left hand thread wheel nuts, Know this as i made a load of new ones. weren't to expensive either. only difference is the new nuts are made from Metric Hex bar!!!! don't know if that is any help?
  6. i know that, but what's that got to do with welding?
  7. All sorted, turned out to be an old person problem! (not me) is Mark your ace welder?...... christ thats worrying!!!
  8. Well i have made some progress on the GTB, keep forgetting to take pics to share. Since the last update Cross member bolted on Drivers floor pan and engine panels blasted painted and fitted repaired/made drivers step and support panels battery box (thanks to Tony R) repaired painted and fitted along with steps and side panels wiring harness nearly finished got NOS air filter and crossover tube and fitted fitted F stamped starter solenoid made Hydrovac mounts found and repaired F stamped fuel bowl stripped half of front axle stripped front brakes wheel cylinder SS sleeved
  9. tis strange, its a 12 volt neg earth, no jump starting involved, the coil was new only a few months back as were still restoring it. the low tension wire is a single wire, so cant be shorting on any others. will check the coil first and let you all know. Baz
  10. Heres a new one on me, switched the ignition on my mates Chevy HUW today and there was a bit of smoke and the smell of burning form the distributor area within seconds, on inspection the points were glowing red hot! the points and condenser were new (NOS) a few months back,its been running fine until today. So what would cause this to happen? a faulty condenser? coil? Baz
  11. or this one....the interior has a rising damp problem!!
  12. wonderful pictures, thanks. as with most vehicles in military service no two were identical. Regards Baz
  13. Hi Nathan nice to hear of another one being saved. i would suspect that if it was a USMC hand me down it should be the same colour as T Corbins bomb service truck (on page 1 of this thread), that is USMC colours. my trucks original paint was kind of olive drab but very green, quite similar to todays NATO green. are there no traces of the original paint tucked away? all the inside of panels and under the seat of mine was still original. i am planning on marking my one up as Dutch east indies army....possibly, still not sure though. do you have any pictures of them in Service with
  14. i am confused, all them vehicles and not one with 101st airborne markings!?!?!?!?!? lovely pictures though,
  15. i always run a high grade 20w/50 and have found that on long runs (250 miles in one hit) it will hold much better oil pressure particularly on motorways when the oil is being heated beyond the norm. tried the cheap 20w/50 and would never go near it again, it cant cope with the heat. i have found the best oil is the oil designed for Modern V twin air cooled bike engines, as they don't have a good filtration system just like a jeep so detergents are minimal, but they require a very high quality oil to cope with the power and heat. as for brakes, yep they are lethal once immersed. i usually
  16. how bad is your original ring gear? they are usually only worn in two places, i have often just taken them off and turned them 90 degrees on the flywheel so the starter can pick up on the good part of the ring gear. gets a second life out of the old girl. as for the rear crank seal you may as well change it as your in there anyway, no harm in doing that. same for sump can't do any harm, just usually means you find problems you didn't know had!! Baz
  17. oh well, i have the key to the shed with a chevy in!!! ;-)
  18. don't be so nasty, even monkeys can be trained to do basic tasks, comparing them to scummers is an insult to primates!
  19. The second picture is in the woods above Foy of Band of Brothers fame Baz
  20. Well we had a great time, lots of snow, beer and dancing :-) Plenty of vehicles turned up despite the snow trying its best to stop the traffic on the motorways, and seeing them being out through there paces on the small forest tracks around the ardennes was well worth the trip. GMC's performing very well on the ice and winching themselves out of the trouble occasionally. Jeeps were great fun bouncing off the deep snow either side of the GMC tracks. Amazed at how many British vehicles turned up, hello to guys from Chesire "The Band of Bummers!" ANyway G506 should have some more
  21. can someone tell me what the equivalent size tyres is for 34 x 7? cheers Baz
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