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  1. Hi Pete, Learning something new every day. Slightly off topic but the FANYs were referenced in an episode of 'Then Churchill Said To Me'. Being a Frankie Howerd type of thing I assumed it was a made up name for comedic value of the episode. Obviously not.
  2. Well, it could be saltwater for ballast - but unlikely! I would think a product something like Slime. A green gungy substance that is supposed to seal punctures.
  3. No problem, I was actually looking to buy tickets if it was going ahead. Not to worry, we'll stay hopeful.
  4. Hi Paul, Has the 3/4 July been postponed? Ticket linky isn't working.
  5. It does look strikingly similar to the Palitoy Action Man trailer.
  6. As there appears to be no obvious turntable or ackerman for the a frame, I would guess that behind the piano there's a bloke with a steering wheel and brake pedal.
  7. May be of interest, includes hook loader flat racks and a Bedford 500 engine. Also, a selection of older cars that have discrepencies between build date and reg date - demobs perhaps? https://bid.tsauction.co.uk/auctions/catalog/id/42?page=1
  8. Some nice trucks and busses here, jeeps and an Explorer. Check what's written on the side of the open top fire engine.
  9. Not quite on the same scale, I have an old quad bike which as an experiment I fitted a cheap gel battery to around ten years ago. Plugged into it is a small (10" x 4" approx) Maplins solar panel hung vertically, facing west on the outside wall of the shed. The bike stands for 6 to 8 months at a time, sometimes a year without even the shed door being opened, but it's never failed to start on the button every time when asked. Small beans I know, but proves the tech is out there.
  10. Going back about ten years now, we had a batch of VW T5.1 vans delivered. Almost over night we had piles of near miss reports in the office (which up 'till then were almost unheard of) and almost all had one common denominator. Random vehicle pulling out in front of van when turning right on roundabout. It didn't take much head scratching to work out why. These were fitted with daytime running lights. These lights were white, 4" x 4", and 21w. The indicator was directly beside it, 4"x3" with a 21w orange bulb. Result - Invisible indicators unless you are viewing from directly in front. Fixed by replacing the drl bulbs with 10w., instant cure. Then we tried some Transits. Oh dear. The drl lights on these are the main beam lights on reduced current! Still the main beam lenses for goodness sake. What are they thinking? And what's going to happen when the american idea of the 'drl lights going out every time the handbrake is applied' catches on??? More flashing lights than a cheap 70's nightclub. (Don't let on, but I drive a Range Rover).
  11. Led lights are a menace and should be banned outright in public places. The light source is extremely intense yet the ratio of projected usable light is minimal with no true colour. We have led street lights and they are useless, can't walk anywhere without a torch.. You now have to drive on main beam (halogen thankfully) to see anything on side roads - proof being the main roads locally have gone back to orange sulphur type lights. The difference is 'clear to see'. Our new night trunkers now come supplied with old style halogen front fog lights under the bumper and spots on top because the oem led headlights and cab top spots are so bad. You can't necessarily see further with the halogens, but the detail of what is illuminated is far superior and has a greater three dimentional effect with true colour. What looks like a black patch repair in the road with leds will show up as a large pothole with halogen. Chevron boards look like chevron boards whereas the leds just give a blinding white wall of light reflection. Lethal. Don't start me on the strobe effect. Projector lenses are useless too. And whats the point of Hid lights that flash when they're switched on? Car approaching, goes under some trees, huge flash of light as the auto lights switch on. That second or two while they focus and level themselves could mean the difference to the oncoming car of seeing the cyclist or feeling a bump in the road. Rant over, feeling better, sorry 'bout that that...
  12. Must pay more attention... I was probably looking beyond the flags.
  13. Part restored jeep on a trailer heading west in thick fog somewhere near Frome, Somerset
  14. Like the flag poles. Were they there last week?
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