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  1. Looking at it all again lot 348 has an 'mod' vibe to it. Some Landy parts, a couple of oil cooled welders, and what I think is an MWM engine from an SD1 Rover. Curios collection of stuff.
  2. Link here to a farm sale, lot 150 'Bedford engine', I know nothing more. A couple of other engines in pale blue which may be of interest. https://bid.tsauction.co.uk/auctions/catalog/id/76/Online-Auction-of-Tractors-Farm-Machinery-Plant-Equipment
  3. I don't know if this is mentioned elsewhere but I feel needs more clarification. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-rules-for-towing-a-trailer-or-caravan-with-a-car-from-autumn-2021
  4. Hi, I've found a Lucas SE62 trafficator in the garage. it's in fair condition, the flag is free moving and there appears to be the coil trigger inside. I've not tried to connect it as I feel it may be 6V and I wouldn't want to damage it. Of interest to anyone? Located near Aldershot, Hampshire.
  5. Thanks Richard, I did wonder. I'm not really in to coaches but looks an interesting project.
  6. Unsure what mk Militant this is, but I thought it might be of interest.
  7. Thanks, I did wonder but I wasn't aware that Spadeadam was disused. Went there a couple of times in the early 90's but the only thing that stands out in my memory is after driving what seemed many miles into the wilderness and suddenly finding a signpost to Moscow, then later overnighting in New York. Not a bad trick in a diesel Transit!
  8. My excuse is just having had an op on one eye it's like looking though 5 sheets of tracing paper at a water filled kaleidascope, so both eyes together is a little 'trippy'! I dimly recall all RAF forklifts were AY. Looking at the state of the plate I did wonder if it had been peeled off something else - the Bedford maybe.
  9. Ah, sorry about that. Now then, many years ago I was told, rightly or wrongly, that flag poles on an RAF base had to have been issued with a building number otherwise they couldn't account for the upkeep/painting of said pole. Would this be the reason for the machine being issued a number so it would appear correctly in records?
  10. Thanks, a curious collection there.
  11. Soviet cold war era then?
  12. This features in the attached link at 15:13, anyone know what it is? It looks eastern bloc to me, and plausible considering the planes in the same area but UK reg on a yellow plate?
  13. Hi Pete, Learning something new every day. Slightly off topic but the FANYs were referenced in an episode of 'Then Churchill Said To Me'. Being a Frankie Howerd type of thing I assumed it was a made up name for comedic value of the episode. Obviously not.
  14. Well, it could be saltwater for ballast - but unlikely! I would think a product something like Slime. A green gungy substance that is supposed to seal punctures.
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