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  1. I call bullshit its illegal to own a firearm without a certificate already. Has it stopped the criminal element? Its just more control for control sake
  2. I use it on Helicopter electric systems it is authorised on Gas turbine engine electrical systems. It fixes lots of little electrical gremlins. Super stuff
  3. Stabillant 22 is what you need for your slip ring lubricant. About 40 quid for a tiny bottle. Every time you open an electrical connector put a dab of this on all the pins. It’s a contact enhancer. Last for years.
  4. http://www.helstongunsmiths.com/default.asp?ID1=426&ID2=0&ID3=0&ID4=0&CB=10%2F2%2F2020+6%3A43%3A09+PM
  5. So long as the speeding tickets get answered and they get their fine Im pretty sure you could register it at Buckingham palace.
  6. have you seen this https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/gilbert-baitson/catalogue-id-ibgi10619/lot-d56ccc92-4588-4b6b-8760-ac0600cb37e2
  7. That Cyprus johnny is always expensive..
  8. Any links so that we can all be informed? otherwise its abit of a dead end....
  9. 15 minutes with a brush and some green irr paint would have it back to full value ...
  10. Liking it so far.. where did you get the B81 engine stand? I need one for one of my patients
  11. lowfat

    Stalwart FFR

    I just had a delivery of ferrules 1/2 x 20 Tpi Female Brake Pipe Nuts (8104) For 8Mm Fuel/Brake Pipe . guess I will have a busy afternoon.
  12. lowfat

    Stalwart FFR

    Thanks for the pointers. I will try and touch base with him. Meanwhile I made a prototype Pipe bender i used a 68 mm hole saw to copy the internal radius of the bend and scewd the blank to a piece of plywood. I used 10mm bolt for the pivot point of the handle. I got some skate board bearing races of amazon for the former. I got mixed results the test bend was perfect the full sized pipe ended up a little flat.
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