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  1. Bob, it was my pleasure to help you after all the help you have given others and myself in this hobby.
  2. I love the idea of making yourself more visible to others and also safer but the best part is you are working out how to do it without brutalising the original vehicle. That is a fine standard to have and hold. Enjoying watching this from afar, keep up the posts its real interesting
  3. Welcome to the forum, lots of great advice and folks here. Its always great when people ask a question and post the result when its fixed for the next person to benefit from. Greeat stuff, enjoy
  4. In your post from March 30 you mention the plastic screw in the bottom of the sediment bowl and how you dared not attempt it lest it shear off. I wholly agree with you and have had the joy of one breaking off and it is now SOP not to touch them ever if at all possible, until as you say you have a spare and the right situation to remove one. Working at minus 30 degrees C someone enthusiastic decided to remove the one on our Hagglunds BV 206 D6 without reference to me. it snapped, predictably. A field repair was made by whittling a piece of softwood and inserting it to keep us in service. They are evil and should never be trusted. you were right not to touch it.
  5. Glad to see you finally got one. Have you bought all the manuals and immersed yourself in them. Big check to make is the tyre circumference as per the manual. Dont neglect that one. Electronic ignition changes these vehicles hugely Have fun, you wont loose money. What happened to the original one you were after?
  6. Where it is has relevance, if it is charged by a charger that does not overcharge and you can do that in situ why remove it? A good effective disconnect is important. some vehicles have parasitic draws that over time cause problems. I am no expert, just my experience. Lugging batteries in and out is not a task I enjoy from inside vehicles so why do it if you can avoid it?
  7. Good day Terra, perhaps Terry is your name? The Saracen is a vehicle which some like or hate. Supportable yes, parts, some and mostly consumables are available. Is it already in the US of A or is it coming from another country? IS this your first MV? Do you have dry good storage for it? Are you planning on long trips or local outings? Did you have a maintenance budget in mind? Do you own a reasonable array of basic tools and kit ie jack stands socket sets floor jack? The worst thing for any of these vehicles is lack of use. Personally speaking the MV fuel tanks are way too big and that combined with lack of use and poor quality low end fuel give grief. Small discreete fuel tanks with good fuel pays dividends big style. Whar other vehicles have or do you own? Touch base my Skip over at REME Depot in Texas as a resource and others in the US who support Brit vehicles. Manuals are around and Vintage Vehicle Manuals has likely most of what you need. There is an active FB group as well if you are that type. Shows s what you bought when you get it. SOme great folks on here with loads of advice. Buying manuals as a first start is always a good practice and others will commend you as many of your answers lie inside.
  8. Andy, this would allow the adjuster to have side to side movement would it? is that the intent? Or am I missing something?
  9. Lovely looking pair. Do you need help with Impala parts......?
  10. Bob I have a large amount of these with white lenses, NOS and taking up shelf space.....
  11. Importing engines in any form to the USA is a brutal process if you do not have the required documentation. The EPA has a lot of information available here https://www.epa.gov/importing-vehicles-and-engines Having experienced exporting from Canada into the US I can tell you there is only way standard, theirs, at the time you send it. Fail to comply and everything stops. Good luck
  12. Mike, I really share your pain. a good number of years ago I attended the graduation of my daughter from middle school during a difficult time of my life. Witnessing that was a high as a parent. Later that day I was cut off while driving my 1 tonne Land Rover (FC) by a pair of drunks who didn't stop and were never caught. They had been buying beer in a store moments before, so witnessed. The purchase of the 1 tonne was a money making buy and sell and I had it sold tentatively. The truck rolled after catching the gravel should under heavy braking and I was lucky to get out alive, like you. I had pioneer tools and chains and chain saws etc in the back and the spare saved me plus the twin roll bar. The swing from high to low during that day make me physically sick as my investment took a hit, massively. I made it through and eventually clawed my way back up. Its hard and takes a lot of time. You are lucky.
  13. Mike, so sorry to see your misfortune on here. Are you yourself OK?
  14. I think a more base question that many have come to ask is why do we need fuel tanks that large for the amount usage we as civilian owners use our vehicles for? So far I have been involved in the cleaning and archiving of two vehicle fuel tanks, a Ferret and a Land Rover 1 tonne Forward control and fitting smaller remote fuel sources in a sympathetic way that does not deface the original kit and is quite discrete and allows smaller quantities of fuel to be carried and when usage is over that fuel to be cycled through other higher usage transport to use it up rather than becoming turpentine and problem. The change has been tremendous for two rarely used vehicles. I have it in mind, after the acquisition of an extra fuel tank for a Ferret, to open up the extra fuel tank and have it modified internally to be a smaller reservoir and have a drain system integral to that. That for me will be the deluxe level, as nothing externally will be visible. The ease of use will be the maximum it can be. The original tank will be archived and kept so it is all reversible. No new holes and nothing welded on. I am saying all of this as I think this is the root cause of many poor running vehicles that people are overlooking or refuse to admit exists. Good clean fuel and well maintained batteries are such solid cornerstones of good mechanical reliability and performance. My opinion, doesn't have to be yours.
  15. Danger, Both Sirhc and Messier are both spot on, buy the manuals and do the maintenance religiously. If you have other tracked vehicle experience you will likely get on to it fairly quickly. Just a comment, if you look at anything in the way of spares now as being expensive, dont hesitate, in five years those same items will not be cheap and may not even be around. Plan for long terms spares provisioning. Still have no clue where on the globe you are from. Welcome in
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