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  1. I am confused but very interested and messaging you
  2. Good day I have these two taking up shelf space, any clue what they are from please? Would like to find them a home rather than bin them
  3. yes I do, which handed they are I will have to look and see of both the wheel half nuts are the same as the wheel to hub nuts, otherwise i likely have the ones you dont need. Back back in a day or two
  4. Proper cracking job, great work, keep going, love to see it finished
  5. I have some parts, battery box lids, 7.62 gpmg craddle, eyebrow pads for hatches, some fluid flywheel tools and a fw other bits and bobs, contact me via email from here is fine
  6. Bob I cant make out which mount that is. Browning 30 cal or 7.62 gpmg? Happy Christmas
  7. Pavl I may know someone who can sell you one on this side of the pond. Give me a day or two
  8. what are you after exactly? I am unclear on which mark you have and what you are trying to execute. Do you have a picture of what you are trying to replicate perhaps you can post?
  9. I too am a computer illiterate but can lay a wicked 7018 bead and other such life skills, thank you for this thread information
  10. Doug, so very sorry to hear of all of this. I know your 432s were your passion and you had put a lot of effort in to them. Hope you find home for everything and life resolves itself to a level you can enjoy it again
  11. Simon can you explain what change has taken place for us to be able to see that online at that detail level please? I'm thinking that may make other things you have photographed to be viewed that way also?
  12. It might be worth asking on Maple Leaf Up as some wise souls hang out there, if not registered I could do that for you
  13. Martyn there is one in existence in the form of a replica owned by a Land Rover owner on the UK circuit, I have not personally seen i, I am told the trails give it away. Apart from that I am not aware of any, but I am frequently wrong
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