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  1. send me your email by PM please
  2. So what about at the lift pump? That sounds like it may be a possible culprit. Do you have a fuel system diagram to run through? And then a visual confirmation of fuel in the tank is a worthwhile double check, I say that having spent a lot of time and aggro one weekend on trying to get a vehicle running that had no fuel and felt pretty darn stupid afterwards. It is only time that has healed the wound that allows me to admit that.
  3. Are you saying that having cracked a line you have no fuel at the injection pump? Or is it further down the system?
  4. This thread deserves pictures of the vehicle for the rest of us
  5. Clive, as always, thank you sir. I will go have a look at see what I can make out and get back to you if needed.
  6. Good day all, I am trying to help a friend remotely with some problems. The British Ferrets had a two speed and then a single speed generator fitted. Can we assume the the electrical socket connections to either one are the same plug and pin matrix? Is there a diagram of that with a legend. Can anyone share any kind of bench testing method for a generator before installation to ensure the unit will work correctly? Personally I am not an electrical guy at all and this baffles me somewhat. I know my limitations. yours in advance appreciation .
  7. Hartas can I ask you where in the world in simplistic terms are you located please?
  8. Bob Matthew Jones at Ferret Spares would likely pay you asking an take both, worth giving him a call perhaps
  9. Mike, So sorry to hear about the changes in your life, sent you a PM. yes life is funny how we can be closer to people on places like here than family. I echo that. Please keep your chin up and know others care, look forward to getting a reply from the PM yours Robin in Canada
  10. Richard, Thank you ever so much for posting that. Yes I was aware of it but still I thank you. I am planning on treating myself for Christmas to the RLC records for it as I feel the two will span different years and make a more complete history. Can you decode or tell me anything about the Merlin entries as to where or who those were with? I am thinking some kind of RCT unit?
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