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  1. I currently own one of this type of machine and it is very complete. Being as how they are easy on parts and affordable people often ask me to look out for them. So, it was my distinct pleasure this week to secure the future of two ex CF motorcycles. One had popped up on the vacuous hole of Facebook market place and it was after a few discussions with the seller and him digging around that the discovery was made that he had a near whole second bike albeit in pieces minus engine. I have a Kawasaki KLR250 and love it and ride it and my domestic harmonious living policy states that I am not to have another KLR250. I had wanted to try to get the running one into the hands of someone who would save it and cherish it and so the calls went out one by one to a list of people who had mentioned they wanted one if I should ever find one. In the vein of "the truth is stranger than fiction" none of those people were able to execute a purchase for various reasons. I was thinking I might have to buy it and hold on to it for a while. Then, out of left field another friend sent me the listing asking me about it. Quickly we determined he wanted the bike and that we would make a road trip together and see if a package deal purchase could be made, as the parts bike also had a potential home but the buyer was not able to be present. Having been stung on a Frankenstein bike buy once myself, a pre purchase due diligence back checking of VIN to CFR was done. All of us need friends, mine is a special friend who lives in an undisclosed location and will remain anonymous for many a good reason. The numbers rang true and I am happy to report that the whole bike is CFR number 95-10884. This motorcycle was used at CFB Borden from April 1995 until December 1999. The parts bike was used in Borden at the same time and was CFR 95-10879. I have not divulged the identities of the purchasers as it is not my place to do so. And besides, the names are left out to protected the guilty. I went along to ensure my friend had some comfort with the bike and rode it pre purchase. It was a great day out with a good friend who will enjoy it. The search is on for panniers and frame elements which will take some time. Some old geezer with a plaid shirt and suspenders photo bombed one of the pictures, not sure who he is. Great to see these two go to good homes
  2. Is there an email for you as we would like to put money in your pocket.
  3. Interesting thread, some very experienced and well qualified person making comments. You can do anything you want but when it goes pear shaped due diligence will come into play and having a competent vehicle commander connected by working comms will in most peoples minds be the gold standard of operation. I don't want this to become a sub atomic hair splitting thread in any way. You will be amazed as to how much more fun you can have with a vehicle commander on board. A good commander will improve your driving skills. There may not be a requirement for one but it is wise, if at all possible, to have one. Please don't become a headline in a newspaper.
  4. I had the misfortune to be the operator (not owner) of a Spartan one late evening in the dark. We were returning home from an event that been fraught with problems. We had a BV206 become a no start at the beginning of the parade and had to be dragged by a civvy tow truck past our Prime Minister and Chief of the Defence Staff as that was the only way to get the vehicle to the load up area reasonably as the roads were to be opened for regular traffic afterwards. Then there was a Universal Carrier that slide sideways in a steel track on steel deck accident that nearly caused a loss of life. Not ours but I did try to warn the driver of his planned actions. So being a kilometer from home, we unloaded from transport and prepared to drive the distance to home base. I had a sensible teenager as a crew. I went through the usual "in case of emergency" drills and told him his role and the expectations. I was told I was being overly dramatic by others present as nothing could happen being that close to home. We set off down the straight road and were tooling along at a reasonable pace when the engine started to cough and stumble and power was decreasing but more alarmingly a massive amount of thick smoke started to come of the engine deck grills beside me. It was night time on a country road but I could see smoke but what type of smoke etc who knew. I was on the intercom quick sharp to the kid up top and told him I believed we had an engine malfunction or fire and he was to get clear of the vehicle only when it had stopped and not to jump for it while under way. I again told him not to come back for me but to get clear. As we came to a stop I was on the handbrake and battery master and urged the lad to move but he was already stomping past my head and getting off the wagon and away. Myself I was out like a scalded cat and we withdrew to evaluate. The dark smoke lessened and not seeing flames but smelling oil we both concluded a thrown rod. Opening the engine deck with flashlight (torch) in one hand and a big civvy ABC extinguisher in another proved us right. Copious amounts of oil on the engine bay floor. Anyway, we made a quick few calls to the others in our group who were still at the unload point and the chase vehicle came down and scooped me as I left the kid to stand guard over the vehicle. A short while later I returned with A bars and a tractor and was told by the kid how a nearby homeowner had called the local cops for fear that the vehicle had been stolen from a local Army base. Once settled the cops had left. Never in my life have I been so happy to hold the standard of doing crew briefings and discussing drills in the event of failure and so glad we have A bars for the CVRTs. Smoke from an engine bay of a petrol powered vehicle gets your mind racing, quickly. I once lived near East Grinstead and so I know only to well what badly burnt people look like. My tuppence worth on the subject.
  5. Bob, it was my pleasure to help you after all the help you have given others and myself in this hobby.
  6. I love the idea of making yourself more visible to others and also safer but the best part is you are working out how to do it without brutalising the original vehicle. That is a fine standard to have and hold. Enjoying watching this from afar, keep up the posts its real interesting
  7. Welcome to the forum, lots of great advice and folks here. Its always great when people ask a question and post the result when its fixed for the next person to benefit from. Greeat stuff, enjoy
  8. In your post from March 30 you mention the plastic screw in the bottom of the sediment bowl and how you dared not attempt it lest it shear off. I wholly agree with you and have had the joy of one breaking off and it is now SOP not to touch them ever if at all possible, until as you say you have a spare and the right situation to remove one. Working at minus 30 degrees C someone enthusiastic decided to remove the one on our Hagglunds BV 206 D6 without reference to me. it snapped, predictably. A field repair was made by whittling a piece of softwood and inserting it to keep us in service. They are evil and should never be trusted. you were right not to touch it.
  9. Glad to see you finally got one. Have you bought all the manuals and immersed yourself in them. Big check to make is the tyre circumference as per the manual. Dont neglect that one. Electronic ignition changes these vehicles hugely Have fun, you wont loose money. What happened to the original one you were after?
  10. Where it is has relevance, if it is charged by a charger that does not overcharge and you can do that in situ why remove it? A good effective disconnect is important. some vehicles have parasitic draws that over time cause problems. I am no expert, just my experience. Lugging batteries in and out is not a task I enjoy from inside vehicles so why do it if you can avoid it?
  11. Good day Terra, perhaps Terry is your name? The Saracen is a vehicle which some like or hate. Supportable yes, parts, some and mostly consumables are available. Is it already in the US of A or is it coming from another country? IS this your first MV? Do you have dry good storage for it? Are you planning on long trips or local outings? Did you have a maintenance budget in mind? Do you own a reasonable array of basic tools and kit ie jack stands socket sets floor jack? The worst thing for any of these vehicles is lack of use. Personally speaking the MV fuel tanks are way too big and that combined with lack of use and poor quality low end fuel give grief. Small discreete fuel tanks with good fuel pays dividends big style. Whar other vehicles have or do you own? Touch base my Skip over at REME Depot in Texas as a resource and others in the US who support Brit vehicles. Manuals are around and Vintage Vehicle Manuals has likely most of what you need. There is an active FB group as well if you are that type. Shows s what you bought when you get it. SOme great folks on here with loads of advice. Buying manuals as a first start is always a good practice and others will commend you as many of your answers lie inside.
  12. Andy, this would allow the adjuster to have side to side movement would it? is that the intent? Or am I missing something?
  13. Lovely looking pair. Do you need help with Impala parts......?
  14. Bob I have a large amount of these with white lenses, NOS and taking up shelf space.....
  15. Importing engines in any form to the USA is a brutal process if you do not have the required documentation. The EPA has a lot of information available here https://www.epa.gov/importing-vehicles-and-engines Having experienced exporting from Canada into the US I can tell you there is only way standard, theirs, at the time you send it. Fail to comply and everything stops. Good luck
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