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  1. Simon can you explain what change has taken place for us to be able to see that online at that detail level please? I'm thinking that may make other things you have photographed to be viewed that way also?
  2. It might be worth asking on Maple Leaf Up as some wise souls hang out there, if not registered I could do that for you
  3. Martyn there is one in existence in the form of a replica owned by a Land Rover owner on the UK circuit, I have not personally seen i, I am told the trails give it away. Apart from that I am not aware of any, but I am frequently wrong
  4. Jiver, quite the statement, wow, I get the picture quite clearly.
  5. Martin N do you need someone to do that for you?
  6. I just wanted to close the loop on this thread, as I like tidy endings to stories. I committed to buying this lot and with the help of John Riley had it crated up and sent out here to me in Canada. It arrived eventually, Covid delays of course. All the gear was exactly as Bob described but none the less is useful for the most part and I am very happy to have the gear here. Worth the purchase and freight costs to get such things as a spare Ferret fuel tank and recovery cable with chains. Thanks to Bob and John
  7. Howdy other Robin, Modern chain tensioners enable way too much force to be applied. I did myself break one. I have seen many with them broken. I have not seen one that I could detect having been repaired. I have always felt that there would have been an approved repair and that is what I was hoping someone might post, as we have some REME folks on here. For my money, as someone who does a lot of repairs on the farm, I would want to cut off the whole plate onto which the loops are attached and make sure the new loop goes right through that plate and gets flush welded behind as we
  8. So, I hear the sound of crickets. Do I assume no one else has faced this problem or is everyone shy?
  9. Pavl, it all depends on what the gross weight registered for the vehicle is more than anything else mate, check your total tires are rated to carry the gross load. You are correct in respect to fore and aft positioning but when DOT pulls you over thats when the fun will start regardless of C of G mate God luck
  10. Pavl, we have used a Dodge 5500 with a gooseneck float trailer with tandem axles and oil bath axles rather than greased ones fitted with electric trailer brakes and a jake brake. We gauge them at 10 tons and go from there. Somehow we always seem to forget to go over a scale loaded it do the math. We have used a tandem axle straight truck with beaver tail ramps and been within the vehicle CVWR. I am not sure what the C of G has on your choices, it is gross load and truck and trailer weights that ministry of transport or your DOT are after in most cases, is C of G some
  11. There are many MVs that have been disposed of by MOD that have no such struck off status on records. I know that for a fact as I have come across a number out here which have disposal circumstances beyond the UK norm but are legit. Go to any overseas country and you will find MOD kit on plinths and in museums as a result of gifting.
  12. A local scrap yard drains all the fuel from vehicles into jerry cans prior to dismantling and then puts the jerry cans in to a chest freezer. After a few days they bring the cans out and pour off the fuel and then upend the can over a catchment basin for the ice to melt. Pure genius.
  13. Stupid question, but does the liquid being pumped aid in the sealing and making of pressure? We have a hand fluid transfer pump for diesel that pumps like crazy and so easy until the fluid reaches a certain point inside then it becomes solid and lots of work to pump fuel, kind of looses its prime is al I can describe it as
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