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  1. Looked at the Dennis society site last night and I see some one as put up a link to this add. If it was you thank you.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/boltaction/permalink/1812975185539080/
  3. ammo boxes most ww2 dated and stretcher £50 the lot
  4. six 5.5 boxes £50 the lot.
  5. stumbled across this today. the farmer thinks it is a 1900 Nottingham tram.
  6. Austin tilly parts best offer
  7. Dennnis engine very good condition, best offer to save from the scrap man.
  8. Part of the illuminating apparatus from a 25 pounder. is it for sale?
  9. eBay item number: P&h rear lamp on eBay item No 324309259476
  10. Bought by Martin Wiseman of Condor aviation international LTD near Selby.
  11. Thanks for the reply Oats & Barley You could just hold on to them till I am down that way if you have the room or move them further up north if some one is going that way or help with sending them with a courier. Any help is appreciated. regards mark
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