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  1. spot on supertruck, thats a cracking project. Is that a Halftrack i spot in background? Baz
  2. oi, check out the pictures from the winter rally, a nice brace of 1.5T chevs mmmmm and a Brockway and a Autocar and a Willys MA! and lots of booze!

  3. Hi Kuno


    sorry i did nopt get in touch, work has taken over! another member of the forum will be here for the next two weeks G506, i will pass you number on.


    i spotted a russian ZIL 157 near the British embassy Oasis club the other night but did not have a camera! the club is about 30 minutes out of tripoli to the west. i have a google earth file of its rough location if you would like it

    i will retunr to Tripoli on the 28th September for a further two weeks.



  4. Hi Cliff

    get back from Mons OK? we had a rather damp return! pissed down from Mons to Chichester!!



  5. Hi Kuno


    i am in tripoli, staying at the four seasons hotel and working at the 5 towers building on the waterfront, my local number is 0914296784

    I am wotrking in the oil industry with Total as a sub contractor.

  6. Hi Kuno,

    i am in Tripoli now and will be here until the 14th september. Working with Mabruk oil operations in the 5 towers, staying at the four seasons hotel. would like to meet up and have a chat.





  7. Hi Bodger;


    Let me know once you are in Tripoli. We may meet there if you like. Which is the company you are working for - if I am allowed to ask that?

  8. Have been relaibly informed that these pictures are of a Constuctor, taken in Malaya in the 50/60's Bazza
  9. John we ran SAE10 in the transmisson, anything heavier and you will knacker the gearbox. SAE 10 is vital due to the fluid flywheel, it has a lock out system for over run and for when engine revs hit a certain speed so the transmission becomes a full manual, then if the revs drop down, like climbing a short hill, the fluid flywheel will unlock allowing the engine revs to pick up without chaging gear, alomst like a splitter box. if the oil is too viscous it will not work properly and you can burn out the fluid flywheel. We had no problem getting hold of the oil from a local "76 lubrica
  10. Dont think so... it was chopperised in the late 50's i believe. Before i picked it up it still had ape hangers :schocked: and tiny fuel/oil tanks!. I have the original log book with all the oweners up unitl 1967 when the last owner parked it up. Baz
  11. Indian 741 No.2 Frame No. 741-27267. Heres how the bike looked when she was wheeled out of its 30 odd year hidey hole! Luckily the last owner kept all the original parts :goodidea: :thankyou:. will get some current pictures at the weekend.
  12. Awesome :-D that has to be the best looking vehicle out there, good luck guys. Baz
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