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vehicle boneyards in USA


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Some very nice pictures here: http://mashable.com/2015/08/15/wwii-surplus-vehicles/

And he writes something intriguing: "And still they remain. Thousands of World War II era vehicles are still mothballed today at “boneyards” throughout the southwestern United States."

I think that may be a bit doubtful...



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Hi All


I agree with Danial "I think that may be a bit doubtful.." all you have to do to judge the credibility of the web story is look at the first photo, can you ID the aircraft? While the photos of equipment stored is in the years following the Second World War are of interest all this equipment has long since been scrapped. What would be of real interest is if you started seeing, finding, WWII equipment in large quantity being stored today.


Now the wonderful finds of unrestored, complete WWII vehicles in good condition still happen but they are rare and wonderful finds, that have been tucked away protected or left and discovered in very dry climates. But not in the numbers the author that web page would like to find.


This doesn't change the fact that the pictures are interesting and worth a look.


Cheers Phil

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Looking at the photo dates the first is obviously wrong as the B52 did not exist at that time and the ones on the right were destroyed in compliance with the START agreement. However the rest of the dates appear ok. Since the photos are from 1946 then a lot of this stored equipment (trucks, jeeps , half tracks and priests) would have been reactivated for Korea five or so years later and presumably used up at that time.



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A lot of the stuff in the USA, was straight out of the factory & straight into the desert storage areas! That looks like what's happened to the engineless B24s shown in the photo after the motorbikes.

As to what was left in the Pacific theatre!









Manilla airport.

Shoved into a hole & buried, alledgedly still under the power station.


More here http://www.airplaneboneyards.com/post-wwii-military-airplane-boneyards.htm

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