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  1. Forgot the link, this is for Ford Flathead V8's and are a three bolt fixing https://www.speedwaymotors.com/shop/ford-flathead-v8-water-pumps~131086-1-4-596-30574
  2. I wonder if it might be earlier, possibly from the Ford V8's fitted to the universal carriers?
  3. Here is a link to some Land Rovers. These are HO or 1/87 scale and are manufactured by Brekina. Walthers is a US company that makes/sells model railroad equipment. The Landrovers are out of stock at Walthers but Brekina is German and I have included their URL as well. https://brekina.de/ https://www.walthers.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=land+rover They also have a lot of military models other than land rovers.
  4. Google in the US says that part number is a Ford part see here: https://autopartsobsolete.com/1954-1955-1956-ford-water-pump-eaa-8505b-ebp-8505a.html It looks similar but I can't be sure.
  5. Here is the Blue/White version at 13 seconds in on this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5479MDsXSmQ
  6. Thank you so much for this. Currently (since 2013) 16 Royal Signals Regiment is attached to 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade. See here for more info: https://www.army.mod.uk/who-we-are/corps-regiments-and-units/royal-signals/16-signal-regiment/ So the original owner was a REME tech (of some sort) attached to 16 Signals as part of 12 Infantry Once again I thank everyone who helped with this it is much appreciated. My google-fu was very weak and all I could find was pages of badges/patches for sale.
  7. Aha, Thank you Bluebelle, I went to your google link and found this picture: So what unit is white over blue with a vertical sword?
  8. Thank you both for your input. I was pretty sure the lower flash was REME and it was mostly the top patch I was interested in. I am wondering if the upper patch is perhaps "tactical" colouring and whilst green black here on a flag it would be other colours. Perhaps red over black for "The Rifles". Ths blade appears to me to be a bit long for a dagger compared to the length of the grip and the "T" shapes on the end of the crossguard (is that called the quoin by the way?) are not dagger like. So maybe it is a sword rather than a dagger. I don't know if this helps any. The jacket came directly fr
  9. I recently purchaced a surplus jacket and am trying to figure out the unit flashes. Any help appreciated.
  10. Lots of QL's and RL's in the "Day of the Triffids" mini series. There is an armoured car in the last episode.
  11. One possible place to look would be related to the troubles in Northern Ireland. I remember a lot of vehicles getting "armoured" at a nearby REME facility. The armour for an LR consisted of a fiberglass roof, bonnet, wings, doors and lower body. I don't know what the upper body sides were made of but they appeared to have a wood grain. This could have been due to brush painting as much as anything. Both Bedford RL and MJ's were armoured up at this time. Rob D.
  12. Nice work, I hope to see some more on your website.
  13. I would be digging that side too, but using a small team and quietly. Preferably by going down one of those shafts. However I would also do something in a more easily accessible area with lots of fanfare and publicity just to keep the noseies/newsies away from the real hunt.
  14. It's the tow vehicle that worries me, is its chassis (if it has one and is not a monocoque) strong enough to tow that trailer even if empty?
  15. Did you get any pics of the Bedfords with the fiberglass armour kits fritted? Those had a similar peaked roof rear and had plexi windows in the sides. It looked like a garden shed was sat in the back. The cabs were also armoured in the same fashion with a single piece moulding covering the front from the windshield down and seperate door and roof mouldings. Rob D.
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