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  1. george, I assume that you are the model maker mentioned in the video from the VMGCRA. https://www.facebook.com/395108480585926/posts/4053730604723677/
  2. If you search 'repair canvas tent' there are plenty of videos etc. to help you.
  3. Useful manuals? TM 9-876 - Technical Manual ORD 789 G683 Illustrated Parts Manual, Cushman Airborne Scooter
  4. Perhaps in an archive? Textron is the parent company for Cushman:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cushman_(company) From your last post, I assume that you have seen these already:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/27177372861/?ref=share https://www.facebook.com/Motor-City-Cushman-Club-1391560594434276/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/380606499564861/?ref=share
  5. I, meant contact rather than just look at the contents of the site or post the request for dimensions in the Facebook group.
  6. You could try:- The Vickers MG Collection & Research Association (VMGCRA) https://www.facebook.com/groups/vickersmg/?ref=share https://vickersmg.blog/about/
  7. As you can see in the photo you need more than L x H x D. https://vickersmg.blog/in-use/accessories/ammunition-boxes-belts-and-loading-accessories/
  8. 103rd (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) Regiment Royal Artillery is a current army unit. https://www.army.mod.uk/who-we-are/corps-regiments-and-units/royal-artillery/103-lancashire-artillery-volunteers-regiment-royal-artillery/ https://www.nwrfca.org.uk/tag/103-regiment-royal-artillery/ Even have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/103Regt/ Perhaps old photos can be found from one of the above.
  9. Not a specific regiment but does this help? https://ra39-45.co.uk/formations-and-markings/vehicle-markings
  10. You might find a trainer if you post your question on the Military Vehicle Trust. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2023327377915573/?ref=share
  11. Also discussed earlier:- https://hmvf.co.uk/topic/14968-scammell-explorer-rear-outer-hub-nuts/
  12. Total Driving, based in East Anglia. Prices 6 Hours (1 day) – £1112 (Suitable for LGV/PCV driver) 10 Hours (2 days) – £1812 (Suitable for non LGV/PCV driver) Prices include the practical test fee of £62. https://www.totaldriving.net/other/h-tracked-vehicle-training/ Looking at their prices, Tanks-Alot's 2 day £1,200+VAT course doesn't look so expensive. For help with a G licence, you could try a local steam club or rally. I'm not suggesting that you take a test on a steam roller but I have seen diesel rollers at shows.
  13. Even if the museum doesn't offer training they may know who does in the area. From the Tank Museum Bovington 28/08/2020 :- 'Three apprentices and two volunteers, all of whom work in the Museum Workshop, undertook their Tracked Vehicle H licence training to enable them to operate vehicles in the Museum’s historic collection.'
  14. Have you tried the Norfolk Tank Museum? http://norfolktankmuseum.co.uk/about-us/
  15. If nothing closer, a 2 day course including the test:- https://tanks-alot.co.uk/h-licence-training/ As you are tested by a DVLA tester, the DVLA should be able to tell you where H license training is done.
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