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  1. talk to Robert Dove ... maybe it has something of your interest...
  2. now one in Ebay.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CVR-T-Charging-panel/154335075266?hash=item23ef165bc2:g:qq0AAOSwtYNfwOT-
  3. Everything uses OMD 80 - OMD90 equivalent to SAE 30 and SAE 10/30. probably SAE 15/40 is fine, but in the gearbox I would prefer to use SAE 30 or 10/30...
  4. Thanks ltwtbarmy I know that these two stores have NOS in stock ... but I'm really looking for something less expensive ... actually it is a part that has no effective use, except to complete the interior of the turret ...
  5. A well-spent time ... and this was on the list of pending jobs. finally I disassembled them almost completely and proceeded to a deep cleaning by ultrasound ... also change the damaged socket and and grease the collector tracks with Stabillant 22 now there is continuity in all circuits!
  6. One of the missing boxes inside my project is this. Does anyone have an abandoned one on the warehouse shelf? Regards and thanks...
  7. Hi Clive thanks for your quick response.: Sight, Periscope, AV, Image Intensified, L3A1
  8. Anyone with experience in CVR T scorpion mounted night sight? I need to rebuild the wiring that connects it to the night sight control box (it was cut off) so the 19 pin plug is missing .... Does the connection diagram appear in any manual? I also think that my night sigt control box is inadequate (only two sokets) which I think is the one used in 30mm ... someone to enlighten me about it? Regards and thanks....
  9. Congratulations and welcome ... I saw the videos of your vehicle. Andrew is a good guy, sure they have done a great job on the vehicle , this looks good you are lucky to be able to drive it, my cvr (t) is still a project and there are many days left so he can move on his own ... Regards...
  10. You currently have one on Ebay, status unknown .... but for only 15GBP .... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FV141517-IGNITION-BALLAST-RESISTOR-BOX-COMMON-TO-FERRET-CVRT-FOX-CHAMP-etc/164121411640?hash=item2636660038:g:rUEAAOSwV7Zeahtk
  11. Rob is a great guy ... and he knows very well cvrt ... You may find it cheaper, closer, but maybe they need twice as much time to do the same job worse! think about it
  12. thanks John...it is possible ...Empire Trading but only announces RBJ For Chief... Eics products, in should have the parts both completely remanufactured as individual parts ... When I have time I will dismantle it and see how bad it is ...
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