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  1. Hi Clive thanks for your quick response.: Sight, Periscope, AV, Image Intensified, L3A1
  2. Anyone with experience in CVR T scorpion mounted night sight? I need to rebuild the wiring that connects it to the night sight control box (it was cut off) so the 19 pin plug is missing .... Does the connection diagram appear in any manual? I also think that my night sigt control box is inadequate (only two sokets) which I think is the one used in 30mm ... someone to enlighten me about it? Regards and thanks....
  3. Congratulations and welcome ... I saw the videos of your vehicle. Andrew is a good guy, sure they have done a great job on the vehicle , this looks good you are lucky to be able to drive it, my cvr (t) is still a project and there are many days left so he can move on his own ... Regards...
  4. You currently have one on Ebay, status unknown .... but for only 15GBP .... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FV141517-IGNITION-BALLAST-RESISTOR-BOX-COMMON-TO-FERRET-CVRT-FOX-CHAMP-etc/164121411640?hash=item2636660038:g:rUEAAOSwV7Zeahtk
  5. Rob is a great guy ... and he knows very well cvrt ... You may find it cheaper, closer, but maybe they need twice as much time to do the same job worse! think about it
  6. thanks John...it is possible ...Empire Trading but only announces RBJ For Chief... Eics products, in should have the parts both completely remanufactured as individual parts ... When I have time I will dismantle it and see how bad it is ...
  7. Thanks for the links Robin. I'm in the BATUS group ... by which seems more interesting, (BAOR photos) I have not managed to be accepted despite trying several times ...
  8. Hi guys ... someone disassembled / repaired an RBJ from a cvr t? any source of spare parts for electric sockets? this RBJ clearly suffered the entrance of humidity, in some terminals it does not give continuity and / or increases the resistance to the passage of the current when it is rotated. and a 10-pin female socket is in a very bad state
  9. Nice photo Barrym if you have more photos... feel free to publish them, always well come .... at least it is very close to 04FD24 Thanks
  10. HI guys ... . I'm looking for data and / or pictures of this scorpion when he was in service ... if someone coincided with him at some point during his life, It seems that he was mainly in BAOR for 10 years, then BATUS and finally transformed to SABRE. to end in withams in 2004 You searched for 04FD24 Vehicle Details ERM 04FD24 Chassis No **** In Service Date 01/10/1973 Factory Colour **Protected Data*** Description COMBAT VEH RECONNAISSANCE FULL TRA
  11. This is the upper part of a n54 MK1 gunners periscope mounted on a cvr t scorpion. I do not know if it was mounted on other vehicles...
  12. ups .... lost link? anyway, beyond their useful life ... if they are the same as I saw... regards
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