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  1. Tanks-a-lot, have 4 Chieftains for sale, ranging from £18-50k a Centurion that was part of the Littlefield Collection, went for $92,000 back in 2014. T72s seem to be readily available & I'm sure you could pick up a T54/5, from a friendly African or Middle Eastern despot, for a very reasonable price.
  2. This One? Not been in running condition, since leaving Finnish service, to my knowledge.
  3. Some nasty stuff in those photos. The device with the red & white striped tape by it, looks very much like a Butterfly Bomb. They find the odd one around Grimsby still. The last death caused by one, was in Malta in 1981.
  4. https://images.app.goo.gl/tURewgzPxZfYA9sr5 Buick Master Six Tourer.
  5. Many were reused, as Beutepanzers. many in their original form, some de-turreted & used as gun tractors & some modified to carry a variety of guns, etc. Lots of pictures on this website Beutepanzers
  6. Facebook page some interesting stuff here, a Somua halftrack for one.
  7. A real "Bitsa". Composed of Panzer IV, Stug III & IV parts, with a modern engine & gearbox.
  8. What are they like when they run over a mine? Not that the Jackal's any good from that point of view.
  9. 5 hours, 11 minutes and 57 seconds
  10. If the turret was to the front, the gun would foul the floatation screen.
  11. Not a lot, I'd say. 57 examples of the W31 type G4 were made, which rather indicates how good they were. 6x4 arrangement.
  12. A well-decorated pilot, Knights Cross. Survived the war & died in 1990.
  13. Gun's entire length, is 1.25m
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