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  1. You sure it's not off a big hot tap?
  2. The last thing that the retreating troops would want, is to send up a big pillar of smoke "Here we are, send the Stukas". Some did find themselves suddenly faced with German soldiers, others simply abandoned their vehicles, maybe removed the distributor head. Enough damaged vehicles for the Germans to salvage parts from, to get others working.
  3. Most impressive. Weathered realistically too.
  4. Most impressive. Weathered realistically too.
  5. According to Craig Moore, it's not correct. He's talked to IWM contacts.
  6. Fylde Bus Blog: On Tow According to this, possibly in Yorkshire.
  7. Well, the general public, still have the "Five reverse & one forward gear" attitude towards Italian tanks. The "8 million bayonets", certainly had many members, who were less than enthusiastic when it came to fighting for Mussolini. The Regia Aeronautica's activity in the Battle of Britain, was very limited, contributing 5% of the aircraft, they flew few sorties, the first on 24th October 1940, raiding Harwich & Felixstowe, the last major raid, on 11th November, with smaller numbers engaged in attacks later in November. They lost 10 planes in combat (the CR42 Falco in the RAF Museum, being one) & a similar number in accidents.
  8. The Russian one's a T34/85, a bit of Korean War booty, I assume. Probably the one now on display at Bovington. The Caernarvon, was used in chassis development for the Conqueror tank, it was basically a Conqueror's hull, with a Centurion's turret, as the 120mm gun, was delayed. Bet they were embarrassed with the Saracen breaking a rose joint.
  9. The BEF basically left behind an estimated 700 tanks, 20,000 motor bikes, 45,000 cars and lorries, 880 field guns and 310 larger equipments, about 500 anti-aircraft guns, 850 anti-tank guns, 6,400 anti-tank rifles and 11,000 machine-guns. A lot wasn't useable, quite a bit was. https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=132&t=187877&sid=ac07d12c408160e056a1d1bd95e9c21e
  10. Maybe, if the loonies do manage to completely take over the asylum and the ban goes ahead (Note hybrids still permissable to be sold new, until 2035, by 2055, we might see petrol going, diesel much later, as the range for HGVs on batteries won't be enough. Time to plan a move to South Africa? A teensie 0.009% of their vehicles are milk floats.
  11. 2030, from 2035. Assuming the green scam doesn't blow up in their faces soon, or we get a viable party to vote for, who'll overturn it.
  12. Tanks-a-lot, have 4 Chieftains for sale, ranging from £18-50k a Centurion that was part of the Littlefield Collection, went for $92,000 back in 2014. T72s seem to be readily available & I'm sure you could pick up a T54/5, from a friendly African or Middle Eastern despot, for a very reasonable price.
  13. This One? Not been in running condition, since leaving Finnish service, to my knowledge.
  14. Some nasty stuff in those photos. The device with the red & white striped tape by it, looks very much like a Butterfly Bomb. They find the odd one around Grimsby still. The last death caused by one, was in Malta in 1981.
  15. https://images.app.goo.gl/tURewgzPxZfYA9sr5 Buick Master Six Tourer.
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