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  1. Hi Chris been watching this thread with interest. Would love a halftrack but think restoration with my knowledge about them would take longer than the years I have left lol. Makes my jeep restoration a doddle. Can't wait to see her finished, bet you can't either.
  2. Well this is my new baby, Early Scripted Ford GPW 1942. Most of it's there, unsure about the engine but gearbox and transfer case looks have bee overhauled. Main issue is the bodywork, hat channels as usual. Brakes just about finished just waiting for 2 new shocks to arrive and finish off spaying the chassis. Then it's the dreaded panel work to sort and front floor. Nice to have a warm workshop to work in though. What do you reckon Seamus, look any different to when I picked her up.
  3. Yep every bloody 250 of them. 😩
  4. These are the 30-06 shells I am on about. I have just taken them all out of the canvas belt and taped them into the cases a tad and all seems well now.
  5. Back again. Can anyone tell me the overall length of the 30-06 brass cartridge please as I have 2 x 250 boxes of shells, one of which are 30-06 and the other are .303 both in canvas belts. The problem I have is that the 30cal. 30-06 rounds will not load into the feed tray on my 30cal. Where as the .303 rounds will. The 30cal. has not been messed with and is still the original. The starter tab for the 30-06 is black in colour and the .303 tab is brass. Now the .303 shells fit perfectly into the breech but the 30-06 rounds are too long. I wondered if when they replaced the heads they have not p
  6. Hi all, how much is a 30cal. worth today if you were going to purchase one complete with the tripod and T&E. in good condition.
  7. Just a thought but in 15 years time, or so they say all ' Diesel and Petrol engine ' vehicle's will be banned from our roads. My question is what will happen to all our military vehicles. Will this mean the end of our rallies to shows and the enjoyment of showing them off to the general public. Will we have to transport the vehicles everywhere. Will there be a concession brought in to allow us to still drive the MV's on the road. If not, there will be an awful lot of military vehicles for sale as I for one could most likely not afford the cost of transporting mine to shows and the price of the
  8. Hi Sid thanks for your input. I have since found this out and have weeded out all the dud battery's. The good ones when charging have the yellow light on until fully charged then the light changes to green. Cheers Steve.
  9. Whatever happens it will never stop them from being sold, be it old spec or late as there is no way to police it.
  10. I'm thinking of selling off my ferret tyres but would like to know roughly how much they would be worth. I am going to have to up load some photos but I know some have minor cracking. There are 7 in total and 2 are on rims with a couple with tubes. Any input would be helpful. Many thanks Steve.
  11. In need of a bit of help with regards to a Clansman charging station. I have a battery charger AC, serial No.6130-99-117-0451. this is for charging up my 4Ah 24v batteries for my clansman 352's. When the leads are plugged into the charger and battery the yellow lamp comes on, then when charged it changes to green. This was fine until yesterday when the leads are connected up and the charger switched on, the yellow lamp comes on but then after about 10 seconds it just gradually goes out. Have tried the leads in every outlet and they all react the same, any thoughts would be helpful. Cheers
  12. Hi all, any one having trouble trying to apply for tickets for the W & P show this year. I have tried a couple times over this weekend to book my Dodge in but nothing comes up on the page. Anyone else having the same problem. Steve,
  13. Hi all, need help with some tyres for a ferret. How much would a new track grip ( NOS Banana tread in good condition with no cracking) pattern tyre cost. Also I have a few which are in fairly good condition on rims.
  14. Yer I phoned up today and spoke with them but said they had nothing in stock like that. I reckon the pipe I have on mine is some sort of nylon capillary pipe. Its very small bore and you can see the oil travel up the pipe to the gauge when you start the engine. Just that my gauges are all old looking and a bit bashed and don't really want a new looking oil gauge as it will stand out from the others.
  15. Hi all, can you help please. I have just put a new steering box in my jeep only to find I must have nicked the oil capillary pipe from the block to the gauge. Now this pipe is a very small transparent plastic pipe in which you can see the oil travel inside the tube and is connected from the engine block via a small brass nut/union and then straight to the gauge. Can anyone tell me where I may be able to source one of these pipes please. Have tried 'Jeep parts' and Dallas with no joy. Thanks Steve.
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