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  1. Still looking for a British Officers tent if anyone knows of one for sale. SOF looks like they are sold out according to there website. Can't find one anywhere.
  2. Unfortunately not. Chassis number is 19661 so we are looking at about May, April time I reckon.
  3. I got a new loom from Gavin at jeeparts, thought it would be easier and it's all the correct colour coded cabling.
  4. Well I finally got my starter motor repaired and got the engine turning over. Though I would drop the sump and take a look at the bog end shells. Not too bad and the bores only have a light dusting of powdery rust which has come off with the engine turning over. Next is tub back on and rewire or is it best to install most of the wiring with the tub off. Best of all was finding the date on the block, 10-6-42.
  5. Thanks for the photo but I think that camouflage is classed as 'Foliage'.
  6. Yes Seamus have been on a couple of those sites and some say that a jeep side body is not a large enough platform for a MME camo to look correct. They are saying that the camo should be like a continuous black top and bottom but that leaves a bit of a green 'go faster' stripe which does not look correct. Have tried to look for an official paper regarding this camo but as of yet not found anything relating to how it should look on a jeep. Can't find any wartime photos which are clear enough either.
  7. Gradually getting there. Just a bit of touching up inside the wheel arches then tub back on. Biggest headache will be the wiring loom, got a box full of spaghetti lol. What are the thoughts on the MME pattern, not sure how it is supposed to look. Been on some of the various forums and there is a lot of confusion over what it should look like.
  8. To tell you the true, I was brought up on gas welding and arch. Never been able to get the hang of Mig or Tig welding. I personally love gas welding as you have more control over the weld with regards to the heat/flame. I have found that with gas welding you can feed the rod in at your own speed but with mig it's a constant feed and you have to keep going. If the wire speed is not correct it shoots out like a bloody rocket. It's no doubt down to what you prefer and get on with.
  9. Yes buddy, trying to keep as much of the original tub as possible as it was in quite good condition. Managed to get hold of the centre floor gearbox section from a mate as the one in the jeep was cut about badly, it's gone in quite well. Hat channels were a nightmare, trying to get the floor to stay in line as I had to cut out a 3" complete section out of the floor from side to side.
  10. Cheers Seamus, your not taking any at all getting the Wot looking good. Just bought myself a little inverter arch welded, what a difference that has made with regards to the welding up the floor and hat channels.
  11. Gradually getting there. Happy to have the floor in one piece now. New step made for passengers side.
  12. Hi all, anyone know of or has a WW2 British Officers tent for sale. Do not want a small tent or pup, need to be able to stand up comfortably, its an age thing lol. Seen some on Ebay and there is a site called Westland*nl which is the not quite the style I'm after. Would like the high sided style. Not worried if it is not in perfect condition so long as it's waterproof. Like mine stuff to look as though it's been there. Price, well I don't want to be held to ransom but not sure what they are going for now. Cheers Steve.
  13. Bloody just my luck but had a cunning plan. Not sure if it will work but I've taken the yoke off the front cj2 shaft and matched it up with the rear length of rear shaft. Offered it up and it seems ok, there is play on the slider so fingers crossed. I did notice that the difference between the war time and cj2 front shaft was only the yoke. The actual shaft lengths are the same. So the yoke from the front cj2 shaft takes up the shortfall in the rear shaft. Job done, hopefully. 😬
  14. Hi all and thanks for all the input info. Managed to get the front shaft from Gavin at jeeparts uk. Think now the rear is to bloody short, would they be a set from a CJ2. Looking to me like there is too much spine showing. Any thoughts would be a help.
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