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  1. but the bumper radiator protector bar looks like the Ford model , leaves on top of each other , Chev had 2 , one in front of the bumper , and the 2nd at the rear .
  2. Larry ,only early 13 cab chevy`s had the overflow tank exposed , later they moved under the front wing.
  3. Another way in obtaining new gears is if you look for the Dodge WC series gears , they are the same , or buy a cheap used dodge gear box , and take the gears out , this will widen your search area , and prices .I even have seen French made gears .
  4. later canadian water bowsers had 700x 20 tires on them . Ford rims as on civilian trucks
  5. To my knowledge the yellow circle was used in the Italian campaign
  6. Headlight is the same as Jeep /Dodge , tail light is the same as M24 , Staman trading has got them .
  7. looks like a 6x4 , so probably a white 1064
  8. I am interested in it as kit for on my fordson WOT 2 radio artillery truck . Where about do you live ?
  9. this is how the trailers where delivered , If you search maple leaf up under C15 radio truck ,or under CMP`s for sale in the Netherlands , and CMP`s for sale in Belgium.
  10. This vehicle was once owned by Tony Budge , after the Budge collection was sold , your truck ended up in Belgium , it used to be Dessert yellow with black sprayed on camouflage , the Body had underneath gloss Deep bronze green paint , the truck itself didn`t , On Maple leaf up there was already discussion about this truck in the past there you will also find pictures from the trailer with the body on , I will try to look for the picture with the trailer , This truck was delivered with the Standard GS drop side body .
  11. Again , the truck was never with that body during WW2 , it is a post war trailer body . So leave the truck without numbers , that would be more correct than putting something on .
  12. Jee, you are trying to change history , the body on your truck is anyway post war , and from a British trailer , your engine is out of a Bedford , so it had a civilian life , and you can`t be sure who slapped a blue color paint on in its past . So a paper tells you it is from 38 , but the statistics tell us that this model truck was not produced before 1941. Ok you can paint your vehicle in the color you want , but don`t ask then for correct RAF numbering , because it is going to be bogus at all .
  13. Come on , The first cab 11 CMP`s where built in 1940 , Cab 12 in 1941, yours is not a prototype , so as Hanno said they where painted Khaki Green , next the C15 was the only one produced for the British army , the C15A went to the Canadians themselves . Cab 13 is anyway from 1942.
  14. Josh, they certainly are , 11/12 cab ones are just plain flat hinges
  15. there are 3 basic ww2 versions , first the black bakelite version , 2nd olive drab plastic one , third tin spoked olive drab version , post war Hotchkiss is fatter in the center , but then there is an olive drab M38 version as well .
  16. good to hear that this nice vehicle stays with the restorer.
  17. Wy am I getting every day spam mail about booking vehicles and stalls , are there not many booked ? otherwise you would not send so many reminders.
  18. it is a wartime( or just pre war ) 180gallon water bowser,
  19. Are these jacks supposed to be green ? I have got 4 , and only one was green , the others where black , and no primer underneath.
  20. Hi Wally , You are right about the rules on paper for the arm of service , but on several of my vehicles I found them the other way round .on the rear , or next to each other on the right side .
  21. The black camo stuff the British army used was a Latex based paint , almost the same as interior wall paint , it can be mixed in every color .
  22. What does the military vehicle community think about the new prices for entering with a vehicle ? So if you don`t book before the end of January it is going to be 50,- pounds , that is if I am informed correctly . I personally know only which vehicle I will be taking after the vehicle season starts .
  23. So it is good stuff to lubricate your valve seats and guides
  24. E10 is the Standard for 95 octane petrol now in Belgium . Germany has it as well . If you fill the E10 Stuff in a glass jar , you can notice that there is a 2 layer shift after a certain time . so top is good stuff the bottom part you have to throw away .
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