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  1. There is a WOT6 wartime photograph on ebay at the moment if anybody is interested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-Vehicles-Land-Rover-x-4-Black-and-White-photograph/193845683376?hash=item2d221a64b0:g:ASwAAOSw5GJf~G3s
  2. I am looking for a 1968 to 1975 dated BCF Fire Extinguisher bracket (FV351285). I believe this was standard fitment to British Military vehicles, an empty extinguisher would also be good. PM me if you have one you want to sell Thanks Richard
  3. See illustration from 1956 '.50in. ALL ARMS AA WEAPON' pamphlet showing mount fitted to a vehicle (Austn K9?)
  4. I am looking for a Land Rover Series 2A Lightweight '236' prefix serial number engine to replace the civilian engine in my newly acquired 1969 Lightweight. Any condition considered. PM me if you have anything. Thanks Richard
  5. Richard, Yes thanks that's what I am looking for. I just wanted to make sure I get the right one Richard
  6. Can anybody help me converting NSN part numbers into ZA / ZB Numbers? In particular the ground spike for mounting the ATU when removed from a vehicle. Is ZA29831 the same as 5820-99-949-1022? Thanks Richard
  7. I recently purchased a job lot of radio equipment including a standard Clansman TUAAM wing box. However it contains a MFJ-910 Mobile Antenna Matcher mounted into a RS Components diecast box as per pictures rather than the expected standard TUAAM I assume this was a civilian modification rather than military? Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks for the information, I have emailed the Gasket company today and await a reply
  9. I have just purchased a BSA 300w Charging set for rebuild with no spark and a low compression. I have downloaded a copy of the Manual from http://www.howardengineerium.co.uk/Images/BSA Charging Set Manual.pdf however Page 31 is missing. This covers checking and adjusting valve clearances which I suspect I will need! Has anybody got a copy of page 31 that they could send me or upload? In addition is there a UK source for head gaskets? Thanks Richard
  10. Wally, I believe it should look like this being approx 23 inches long and 13 inches deep. Thanks Richard
  11. Has anybody got a C42 Radio and power supply 'bottom tray' that they would be interested in selling? Thanks Richard
  12. Try the following link to Timefactors, I purchased one a few years ago and wear it every day https://www.timefactors.com/prs29new.htm
  13. If the vehicle was rebuilt by Henley's in Weston Super Mare you will have B269 stamped on the data plate as the rebuild location.
  14. Lizze, I will miss your photographs and insight into service life in Libya, I wish you luck with your book and please let us all know when it is published. I will definiteley buy a copy Richard
  15. 'Oversuit tank crews camouflage' the camouflaged version on the standard 'Pixie suit' I believe, a bit warm for daytime in Libya?
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