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  1. The first vehicle belongs to 2nd AGRA = Army Group Royal Artillery See Wiki link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2nd_Army_Group_Royal_Artillery If Wiki is correct it might be the answer you are looking for. Richard
  2. I am looking for the correct trailer lead that connects the Warner socket on a Champ to my Mk1 Sankey trailer. I have FV166462/9 which is 10ft 6" long, I think I am looking for a shorter lead FV166462/4 which is around 5ft 6" long. Could anybody confirm? Also does anybody know which vehicle / trailer combination FV166462/9 goes with - it might be up for sale! (FV166462/9 has the following number on it's packing LV6/MT4 2590-99-803-5876) Thanks Richard
  3. 06BB47 is pictured in Pat Ware's In National Service book as a gate guard with a London District badge
  4. Following this thread with interest. Were early Lightweights fitted with Grey vinyl seats? In the distant future I will need some seats for my early 1969 2A (42FG92). Thanks
  5. Thanks to the link to the earlier posts. This seems very similar to another trailer mentioned = 69FG52. It does seem odd that trailers with all the features of a wartime 10cwt trailers were being issued with new registrations in the late 1960's. It has all the signs of being military with convoy lights etc. Is it possible that they were held in store from the late 1940's before being registered? You would have thought that by the 1960's any new trailer would have been constructed on the standard Sankey or Brockhouse chassis?
  6. I have just been made aware of a Jointers trailer that may be up for sale. The construction appears wartime but the 6/VEH contact number would indicate post war? The back panel has 70FG13 stencilled on it. Is it possible to date the trailer? Thanks
  7. Just spotted this on ebay if anybody is interested. No connection to seller. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ORIGINAL-1962-BRITISH-ARMY-SPARE-PARTS-MANUAL-COMMER-TRUCK-15cwt-4x2-Q2-Mk-III/124568559026?hash=item1d00dd5db2:g:uzgAAOSwsbhgJtl0
  8. Last MOT in March 2020 shows mileage as 43150 however the advert states 26720
  9. There is a WOT6 wartime photograph on ebay at the moment if anybody is interested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-Vehicles-Land-Rover-x-4-Black-and-White-photograph/193845683376?hash=item2d221a64b0:g:ASwAAOSw5GJf~G3s
  10. I am looking for a 1968 to 1975 dated BCF Fire Extinguisher bracket (FV351285). I believe this was standard fitment to British Military vehicles, an empty extinguisher would also be good. PM me if you have one you want to sell Thanks Richard
  11. See illustration from 1956 '.50in. ALL ARMS AA WEAPON' pamphlet showing mount fitted to a vehicle (Austn K9?)
  12. I am looking for a Land Rover Series 2A Lightweight '236' prefix serial number engine to replace the civilian engine in my newly acquired 1969 Lightweight. Any condition considered. PM me if you have anything. Thanks Richard
  13. Richard, Yes thanks that's what I am looking for. I just wanted to make sure I get the right one Richard
  14. Can anybody help me converting NSN part numbers into ZA / ZB Numbers? In particular the ground spike for mounting the ATU when removed from a vehicle. Is ZA29831 the same as 5820-99-949-1022? Thanks Richard
  15. I recently purchased a job lot of radio equipment including a standard Clansman TUAAM wing box. However it contains a MFJ-910 Mobile Antenna Matcher mounted into a RS Components diecast box as per pictures rather than the expected standard TUAAM I assume this was a civilian modification rather than military? Any thoughts?
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