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  1. Hi Been enjoying your Clark restoration project, over the year there have been a number of these at our MV Summer Rally in Weare, New Hampshire USA https://youtu.be/5-qDwFGbvsQ Here is a drivers eyes view of driving a Clark Dozer around the file. Cheers Phil
  2. Hi Steve Thanks for sharing, hope others will follow and post their MV photos for the year. Cheers Phil
  3. Hi Definitely NOT 337 Ford flathead, I've got two 337 cu in Ford flat head in my shop right now and there are just to many noticeable differences. But is definitely an interesting engine. Thanks for starting the thread. Cheers Phil
  4. Propane conversion, many old petrol engines are likely candidate's for conversion to Propane. Cheers Phil
  5. Hi Bob You asked: Knowing nothing about these tools my thoughts are: are they worth the money in terms of making life easier when doing a restoration? are right angle impact wrenches effective? would I be better off buying a less expensive right angle wrench and also buying a normal impact wrench as well? what budget would I be looking at for any of these options to ensure I bought something that would work and not be a source of frustration? have I missed something that would be a better option? I'll start by saying I've been playing with restoring
  6. Hi Transmissions have individual personalities, I have 3 CMPs all of them have the same 4 speed crash box transmissions, and each of them shift differently particularly shifting down through the gears. The pause as you move to neutral, the throttle blip, then the move to the next gear lower. Some of the problem I think comes not from the transmission but from the carburetor how quickly does the engine pick up. One of my trucks doesn't like the cold and won't shift right until the transmission is warmed up, shifts up Ok but won't shift down easily until 10 or more miles. As
  7. Hi What type of canvas were you using? Was it new or old stock? I've had problems making canvas covers for generators, modern canvas just not as good as canvas from 50 years ago. Have had the same problems making seat covers for my MVs until I went over to using Dupont Cordura fabric which seems to have much better wear and sun rot characteristics. I made a penthouse cover like you show which has stood up well but my.truck is garaged and I remove the penthouse fly when not in use. Wonder how boat canvas would work? Will be interested to hear what you find. Cheers Phil
  8. Hi If the temperature gauge you were testing is brand new, when you dip the end in boiling water it should read 100 C or 212 F but if it doesn't, try dipping the sender end in cool water then back into boiling back and forth a few times. I've had one of these direct tube type where the gauge just needed to loosen up. But more important do the same with any new thermostat. With a thermometer, kitchen type, in a pot of the water heat the new thermostat and watch as it opens and at what temperature. I've had 140, 160, and 180 F new thermostats not open for the first time until th
  9. Hi Peter Perhaps to widen the stance of the vehicle, to improve cross slope performance. It would take some measurements and calculations to see if there would have be a meaningful change to resisting side roll over. Or might it have been the result of changing tire profile for better traction? Cheers Phil
  10. Hi All Setting up for a short video. Cheers Phil
  11. Hi I really like your post, had been thinking of doing something similar, and your post got me out of the house to do it. Started all three CMPs and drove them out of the shop to warm up then it was drive the HUP out down the drive, walk back 600 feet, drive the Pattern 12 3ton out, walk back, drive the Pattern 13 Radio Truck out. Take pictures, the repeat the process backing each of the trucks back up the drive. I shot some gopro of the fun which needs to be edited and uploaded. Cheers Phil
  12. Hi All When US went over to E10 gas years ago it had a dramatic and problematic impact on MVs. In as little as one tank full, fuel pumps failed, flexible fuel lines leaked or swollen to the extent they didn't pass fuel, gas cans started leaking around the caps. The first couple parades that year it was not uncommon to have a truck fail, often the story went like this, "well I filled the tank this morning on the way to the parade". The thing noticed was the drop in power and fuel mileage. Once people, in our MV Club figured out what was going on, it was a race find the act
  13. Hi Back to the original question how can we keep our MVs running particularly the WWII gasoline powered? For years I have suspected with the changes in gasoline we will reach a point where engines with carbs will simply not be practical. All ready in the US the Ethanol gas has caused many problems (which is a different topic) but the result is going to make it more of a problem to keep running. So what do I plan to do, answer LNG or propane the converstion units are out there, lots of forklifts us them. The only thing will be where do we put the tanks? Cheers Phil
  14. Hi Josh Here are a couple of photos of the hinges that I fabricated, the size of the bolt pin was dictated by what size tubing that would be a snug fit. Hope it helps Cheers Phil
  15. Hi Josh Do you have the hinges? My Pat 12 hinges were so bent that they were unusable, made some up when I first restored the truck as an expedient but they have worked so well they're still on the truck 10 years later and working fine. Approached the problem from the point of view of a REME mechanic out in the desert. Parts list, couple pieces of scrap diamond plate, four 3/8 bolts for the pins and a couple of inches of 3/8 ID pipe, weld and drill to suit. Will dig out some detail photos an post them. Keep us posted on your progress. Cheers Phil
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