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is it just me, I seem to be having trouble accessing the forum, when I click on the forum address from my favourites list, it takes ages to search, then it says web site not found, then lists HMVF links, when I go to the front page, I can get the forum, but after I have looked at a couple of threads, it goes back to website not found!!!




Mark :cry:

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I find it almost impossible, keeps dropping out, I cant open PM or reply to pm.

I keep getting page found, message and the progress meter gets to 1/3 to 1/2 way to loaded and everything drops out.


9 times out of 10 I can't log on at all.


Appologies to Tonka... I can't reply to your PM.... maybe if they get this problem fixed........

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No problems here, everything's been working ok all week. Maybe there has been a forum upgrade and you're all using an older browser etc?

Yes Joris has upgraded the forum with the latest version.. if anyone is having problems make sure they have the latest verison of their browser, also clear your cookies & tmp internet files & re-bookmark the forum..


Appologies to Tonka... I can't reply to your PM.... maybe if they get this problem fixed........


As far as I'm aware there is nothing to fix...

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Right updated to AOL 9.1 removed hmvf from favourites and reinstauled it still have the problem sounds like mike is having the same problems. when I log in it displays my pasword which I dont complete and log in on the retry box which works fine if thats any help its only over the last 24 hours I have had the problems

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Ok been checking & there is a problem with the AOL Browser being unable to handle certain websites & blocking it's content, especially when the websites are using the latest versions of their software. It seems that the best fix is to use another browser.


Found this that may help you..



Web Access problems with AOL can usually be cleared by opening AOL's System Information utility, going to the Utilities tab and clearing the Browser cache and uninstalling the AOL adapter. Then rebooting your machine.

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I've just installed AOL's browser to see what the problem is, I'm using it now no problems, I suspect it must be a browser problem your end.


Looked at the settings menu, you could try this:


Security... Clear Footprints


Tools... Settings... Restore Defaults


Security.. Pop-Up Controls.. Allow pop ups from hmvf.co.uk


Also run windows update to make sure all your software is up to date.



Using AOL's browser is a lot slower than IE, will be uninstalling it in a short while.

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