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  1. And a superb one for sale at auction on 14 April (if you have deep pockets): Auction Details | H&H Classics (handh.co.uk)
  2. I wonder how the owner is getting on with this. They could be in need of a parts list: DAAG Ratingen Düsseldorf 3 Tonnen Kardan-Einheitswagen Ersatzteilliste 1920 | eBay
  3. Hi Colin - you've probably found this string showing what is believed to be another Belsize chassis (and model): Unidentified chassis, possibly WW1. - Pre WW2 vehicles - HMVF - Historic Military Vehicles Forum
  4. ...and there's a big sign on the back saying its a K3 🙂
  5. Just like here: Renault tank transporter - Pre WW2 vehicles - HMVF - Historic Military Vehicles Forum
  6. Have a chat with the Norfolk MVT group - one of their members has a Humber 8cwt they rebuilt from a post war woodie conversion a bit like yours: https://www.nmvg.org/about Nice project!! And with a PTO an FFW version as well.
  7. Parts lists do occasionally turn up (at a price). But if you're searching bear in mind that 'RAF type' is a nickname. Officially they are: Leyland W.O. Subsidy Model, Class A, Type 5000.
  8. Almost certainly a post war body. Does it have a front brush guard across the radiator? If so, it's probably an 8cwt that's been converted. Edit: Just re-read the earlier post saying that does have the brush guard, so it would be a 8cwt conversion.
  9. Dukes - 10 September https://app.dukes-auctions.com/en/auction/1004-classic-cars-and-transport-memorabilia
  10. https://milweb.net/classifieds/view_large.php?ad=99043&cat=2
  11. Berliet CBA: https://www.prewarcar.com/301210-pair-of-cba-trucks-with-very-rare-tipping-system
  12. Yes and no. They were built to certain specs that had been established under the pre-war War Office subsidy scheme (such as controls and wheel sizes) but otherwise could do their own thing (for example some used chain drive, others live axles; they used their own engines or propriety engines; etc.). They weren't built to a universal design like the Liberty.
  13. Not sure I understand the context of the question/relevance to Alvis. Anyway, home grown WWI subsidy trucks used steel wheels - I'd need to double check if that was actually part of the specification - whereas most imported trucks did not or were inconsistent.
  14. I think you mean to link to this one https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205189024
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