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  1. Yes the videos are good they got some funding to enable them to do this I do hope they can carry on with it on the next project they do not sure what's will be next. They have a few smaller projects on the go at the present. Al
  2. This is a good series of restoration videos on YouTube, talking to Jonathan he enjoyed his trip, he had to help while he was there on the owners sheep farm in the mornings and in the afternoon tanking !
  3. I have a Reo and the insurance is just over £100 that's with Cherished they also have a HMVF/MVT discount. Al
  4. The price of deacts is a lot for a price of metal (New deact standards) I bought a airsoft SMG which is a very good copy and you can use it I have some SMG mags with inert 9mm rounds looks the great. Al
  5. Nice Rick great to see you had success with plenty of help Al
  6. Spoke to spike last night they removed the engine because the scorpion was being placed as a gate guardian it is still there at the D and M school Bovington . You can see it from the Tank museum car park. Al
  7. I think I know this man I will email him when I get home Al
  8. Yep Bernard Manning is about right ! You will need a bigger yard ! Al :-)
  9. I wished I had a nice clean, warm workshop like yours Al
  10. Great photos keep them coming very interesting not very often you see things like this around the shows people don't realise the forces had a very large selection of vehicles all had a part to play. Al
  11. Looks pretty good to me rick at least its all there ! Al
  12. It looks fairly good neil plenty to keep you busy good luck with this project hope to see it around. Al
  13. Yes sirhc that's one of the reason I went for air soft after taken advice on the matter of the VCR from dealers who should know the law anyway I conformed to the requirments I could of just bourght a two toned coloured one which is outside the VCR act because its classed as a toy in the eyes of the law. Al
  14. I have just bought a air soft SMG and a airsoft GPMG I checked with the dealer I got them from all I needed to do was demonstrate a good reason to have them I supplied them with my MVT membership and that was a good reason to have a RIF item the same I would expect would be the case for the question that as been raised. The SMG is for a ferret. Al
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