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  1. Yes the videos are good they got some funding to enable them to do this I do hope they can carry on with it on the next project they do not sure what's will be next. They have a few smaller projects on the go at the present. Al
  2. This is a good series of restoration videos on YouTube, talking to Jonathan he enjoyed his trip, he had to help while he was there on the owners sheep farm in the mornings and in the afternoon tanking !
  3. I have a Reo and the insurance is just over £100 that's with Cherished they also have a HMVF/MVT discount. Al
  4. The price of deacts is a lot for a price of metal (New deact standards) I bought a airsoft SMG which is a very good copy and you can use it I have some SMG mags with inert 9mm rounds looks the great. Al
  5. Stay with derv its the easiest option Al
  6. As many said there has been always issue with toilets and showers at W&P yes it was vastly improved at the last venue, I hope the show owner is reading these comments so they could improve things for next year. They may wish to talk to other shows management teams on how they deal with these issues, there is a lot of other big shows and smaller ones who tend to get it right, end of the day if it was not for our willingness to bring vehicles and displays they would not have a show. Al
  7. I noted that there is no comments about john pearsons valentine which was in the arena twice a day (We lost a road wheel on the Friday) and the Vickers medium which appeared a few times. Yes post war heavy was not around this year there was a lot of ferrets this year compared with other years in the arena. Alec
  8. Well I had a great week the normal problems with the pitch which was sorted out for us thanks to the Scottish MVT for letting us have a part of your pitch, toilets well what can we say normal problems a great job the gurkers did with what they had the shower pods great. The arena was challenging in the wet but great to test your driving skills, the trade stands didn't seem the normal numbers but I personal found a bit expensive the catering stalls prices went up during the week, the victory bar and carvery was great. Overall it was a great week will be back next year YES Al
  9. I am concerned that what been advertised and we will have maybe different the last few years they have listed the catering and restaurants services this year you click on the page and there is nothing there you click on facilities and again nothing there about showers and toilets also I cannot see anything about the Gurkers cleaning service we have had over the years a good job they did as well. The list of traders is also not listed on there web page. I do hope its just a web page problem because I like many this event as my annual holiday. Al
  10. I hope it all works out for you my experience over the years is not and a lot of wasted time while they check things not the girls and lads problem in booking in its just communication from the office to them I think. Al
  11. Nice Rick great to see you had success with plenty of help Al
  12. To right they get in the way good move I think Al
  13. Spoke to spike last night they removed the engine because the scorpion was being placed as a gate guardian it is still there at the D and M school Bovington . You can see it from the Tank museum car park. Al
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