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  1. your toe in on the front axle should be closer to 1/8" +/- 1/16"
  2. All' We are in need of starter motor for a Morris Quad, the amerature in ours in bent. Any leads appreciated regards John G
  3. All; Looking for a starter for a Dingo. regards John G
  4. Looking for 4 complete rubber track pads for a Stuart tank. Only interested in usable pads. regards John G
  5. All. Need help in locating new piston cups/brake diaphragms for a matador with air brakes. regrads John G
  6. I was ingormed that Rex Ward sold off the business, if this true, can someone advise who bought the business. Regards John G
  7. Great job there lads, I am glad you made the wise decision not make the earlier run and worked out the engine problem, she sounds good. John G
  8. 2 thoughts, you could be sucking air because of a bad fitting or cracked line. Also, check your coil and condenser. Both after mentioned items can be affected by heat if they are old. John G
  9. I logged in this morning and to my amazement, 1,000,018 views !!!!!! Now if that doesn't give you final push to make it to Brighton. CARRY ON....... John G
  10. during dinner this evening, I will raise a glass and toast your gang! John G
  11. I have been following both of your build threads for years on this forum. I remember when you got excited when you view count on the Dennis build reached 500,000. With that said, your are FAST approaching 1,000,000 views on the Thornycraft build thread. Always fascinated with the molds you fabricate and the solutions you come up with trying to replicate original parts. I have no doubt you will be ready for Brighton! John G
  12. Steve, On our big trucks, Ward LaFrance Diamond T etc, we use a welting that is 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide depending on the width of the strap and 1/16 inch thick, sometimes 1/8 inch. regards John
  13. When you installed the gas tank, did you use a "anti squeak" welting between the straps and the tank. I did not see it in your pictures. If you did not, may I recommend that you do. Besides one less rattle noise it will keep the strap from rubbing into the tank. Jim Clark, the best there is, we use his canvas on all of our vehicles across the pond! Outstanding work as always John G
  14. I have to ask, how do cope with approximate 2% reduction in size when you have pieces cast. I had several brackets cast and I had to enlarge, ever so slightly, the hole where a piece of round stock had to got thru. For a pattern, the foundry used an original bracket as a core. John G
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