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  1. Thanks for that the hgv testers manual did not mention exemption because of speed? so a vehicle that can do over 25 mph and is over 8 metres pre 1 April 1986 needs side reflectors. surprising no exemption on year ,so things like a hippo and dukw and famo half track would need them on to the pre 1st April 1986 spacing legislation to be road worthy.
  2. Does any one know if there is any exemption for side reflectors on large vehicles due to age ? Ie does a scammell explorer or steam road going engine need them to be road worthy? hgv testers manual only mentions a certain lay out for them on a vehicle used before 1 April 1986 implying any vehicle needs them?
  3. If you need a piston when rebuilding i know where there are some.
  4. I can get the Whenever requirements for camouflage and concealment outweigh the requirements for recognition, the national symbol may be covered by lusterless olive-drab gasoline solvent paint, camouflage nets, oil and dirt, etc., or will beremoved. but the half track in the picture has a big white star on the hood so I do not think the small black star on the side is done for concealmen?
  5. I thought shipping dimensions but the first line is quite long and out of proportion to the usual shipping dimensions I have seen?
  6. I see on the half track just past the drivers door towards the rear there is a small black star within a yellow circle. why the black star not white? what would be all the stenciling past the black star towards the rear?
  7. Hi what's the brown stuff you have used between the running bord and step? I presume it's some sort af anti corrosion coating.
  8. Hi I have rebuilt 6 6046 twin packs with 2 valve heads and dynoed 6 engines with the n80 injectors fitted in two valve head but all engines had the later bigger port liners run fine. on a 4 hour full load run 245 hp 601 foot pound torque 2083 rpm blower pressure of 5.02 psi exhaust gas temperature 564 centigrade 1047 Fahrenheit.(each engine is nynoed on its own from a 6046) n80 and 4 valve head gave more hp and torque should have measured decibels in dyno room at full load that would be high! As you say would not want to run n80s with the original liners small surface area
  9. Hi N80s £130 20 in stock that's a non exchange price if you have old n80 injectors £30 less per injector
  10. Hi You can go to your nearest detroit dealer and buy n80 injectors easy enough or is it some other type of 80 injectors you need?
  11. If you convert a 2 axle 5th wheel military expandable 1969 trailer in to a caravan only no load space or items carried that is not incidental to living/staying in caravan gross weight 6500 kgs what mot is needed ie car mot like motor homes over 3500kg or goods vehicle test and plating or does it even need a mot?
  12. Pioneers is the one I was thinking of how you get it to be road worthy with no front brakes, I presumed there was a class it came under that allowed it to be used on the road with no frount brakes.
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