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  1. Used to look forward to marmites pics of war and peace as the show ground filled up, would build the anticipation for the event only their for a few days this year but looking forward to it
  2. Ditto ,should be ok and for me it’s half a mile drive. And not to much further for u
  3. Any one going ? I’m taking ferret along. 30 June 1030 till 3. Held at east court mansion.
  4. Never a great idea to post mob no on any forum it's best to pm instead
  5. Agreed sound track bloody annoying, and aparantly it was all done with no blood being spilled
  6. Terrible film just plain boring , 2/10
  7. Sounds like a management post !!!!:cool2:
  8. On a recent visit got chatting to a long term employee at duxford who was its fair to say pretty disallusioned with the whole place and stated that that changes in policy are down to new boss whose previous job was at the v and a museum in charge of children's clothing ! Roumer was land warfare close down and some exibits from there would be scattered around the other hangars
  9. No not currently classed as locomotive ,vosa class them as motor tractors .which is vehicle not constructed to carry a load apart from water fuel accumulators and other equp used for purpose of propulsion and which unladen weight does not exceed 7370 kg.
  10. had a email today after contacting the consultation with my concerns about fsc being caught up in this and they confirmed no current plans to change exemption on ferrets ( this obviously refers to post 1960 fsc)
  11. just give the mike to me i will give the mops all the stats on fscs they can handle!!!:cool2:
  12. most shows i go to i do visit the arena at least once on a two day show but after a while u do become choosy about which shows you will go in arena ie does commentator know what he was talking about when wp was at hop farm one commentator didnt like ferrets ,sometimes arena at shows are so bloody small and too many vehicles its just boring to go in, probably best two are hop farm with lots of fscs being driven quick and capel a local show where must of be going around arena at well bit than 5 mph!!!:cool2: had the ferret drifting around corners !well away from mops in case any of u lot go all
  13. very cool looking eddy now its just! the dressing items to finish her , great work now flog her and i would imagine as you stated pay some bills :cool2:
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