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  1. Just over 100 military vehicles have already booked into this years show. With some very rare pieces of armour, for this years armoured gathering. All booking forms are available to download from our website www.ywe-event.info
  2. Thats right, there's no battles, flying displays or arena events on the Friday. I hope this helps.
  3. The Yorkshire Wartime Experience Show 6-7th July 2018 www.ywe-ywe-event.info The North of Englands largest military show. Booking forms are now available to download from our website. With over 500 military vehicles, 50 plus re-enactment groups, 60 plus military/trade stalls ww1 & ww2 battle re-enactments both Sat & Sun On site camping is available now.
  4. Hi Rob,

    I'm interested in the quad seat belt if its still for sale ?
    I'm also looking for some US 105mm accessories inc rammer, cleaning brush & rods if you have anything. I'm also looking for a complete 105mm howitzer.

    cheers Stu

    1. rnixartillery


      Hi Stuart,

      I had a guy email me earlier today regarding the quad mount bits I have for sale so if he does not want the seat belt I will let you know.

      I will have to check if I have a rammer but I do have an NOS Unissued barrel light for the 105.






    2. rnixartillery



      The seat belt has gone ,turns out they were also used in Shermans.

      For yank 105mm I have .

      NOS barrel /towing light £120

      elbow sight  £35

      Rammer head (no staves) £75

      sight illumination gear (clamps to panoramic sight ) £35

      fired projectile and case £80

      contact through email please   rnixartillery@btinternet.com




  5. As far as I'm aware nothing has been done on S130 for a long time. I can confirm that nothing has been done on the panther tank, as I visited the collection late last year. They were restoring a sherman Tank. The panther sat under a sheet, such a shame.
  6. One of these halftracks has just been bought by a friend of mine, in the North of England.He's currently collecting parts, to aid in the full restoration.
  7. That's my compressor trailer, Fordson Tractor & fuel bower taken at the Yorkshire Wartime Experience Show http://www.ywe-event.info
  8. Someone on the forum was asking for some wartime RAF bomb trolley wheels & tires. I've got four NOS wheel rims, 3 x rims c/w tires & one tire for sale. I've also got several flaps. Cheers Stu
  9. Hi, my friend Ken sold his Sherman onto another British collector. I've know idea, where it is now ! regards stu
  10. Thanks but I'm sure there's a lot more worthy candidates than me. Hopefully we'll see a few more QLs on the road. What does surprise me is the lack of MVT interest !! cheers stu
  11. Thanks for all your kind comments, the box will be going with the QLT. One day hopefully 3 more QLs & a WOT 6 will take to the road. The QLR & QLT have been sold to a QL owner, who already has a fully restored QLD. Cheers stu
  12. All the vehicles & trailers have now been sold. Both the Bedford QLR & QLT will be fully restored. Thanks for all your interest. Stu
  13. The QLT marked box is empty, c/w lid. Is for sale if anyone's interested, make me an offer ? Both trailers pictured, in Ian's post are sold. The Complete QLR pictured & a QLT plus nos spares inc wings, windows & frames, doors, fuel tanks etc etc are for sale as one lot. £3,000 cheers stu
  14. Hi Andy, sorry mate no. All the parts are for Bedford MW, QL, Austin K5 & Wot 6 regards stu
  15. Just found some interesting info, regarding the Bedord QLT I have. WD no ooyy45 3/07/42, chassis no 13914, L1711494, contract V4924, disposed at Ashchurch July 1961 stored at Ruddington
  16. The Coventry climax trailer, has already been sold to Doncaster Aeovecture. Apart from the QLR & the QLT all the vehicles/trailers have been sold. Regards stu
  17. I have one 14.0 x 20 rim & tire in good condition. If anyone's interested, wood suit Hippo, militant & I believe Stalwart ? Regards stu
  18. For sale nos QL halfshafts ?? There 3ft long by 45mm on the spline end & 120mm on the bolt hole cap end. Pics on request Regards stu
  19. Hi All, Bit of a waste of time to be honest, the C8 is now well & truly flattened. Me & Ian, managed to salvage to following parts. Nos canadian F15a bonnet, QLR prop shaft, radiator cap & shroud, various manifold metal hoses, gear box & a engine block. wot 6 parts, which will go with the truck. 2 ft of Spitfire propeller ? Morris Commercial fuel Tank. The Austin 10 cars are still there, one is in very good condition ex Royal Navy. If anyone's interested, please let me know. I took some pics of them, I was there. So could pass them onto any interested parties. C
  20. Just recieved a phone call today, inviting to go back to the scrap yard. Basically I've got 2 hours to take what I can from the yard. Wish me luck ! Cheers stu
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