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  1. Used to look forward to marmites pics of war and peace as the show ground filled up, would build the anticipation for the event only their for a few days this year but looking forward to it
  2. Ditto ,should be ok and for me it’s half a mile drive. And not to much further for u
  3. Any one going ? I’m taking ferret along. 30 June 1030 till 3. Held at east court mansion.
  4. Never a great idea to post mob no on any forum it's best to pm instead
  5. Agreed sound track bloody annoying, and aparantly it was all done with no blood being spilled
  6. Terrible film just plain boring , 2/10
  7. Watch also capel get bigger every year , that show has great potential to expand at that site
  8. If u can get hold of zinc chromate primer that's the best stuff. However take all ppe precauctions as its nasty stuff!
  9. I am sure that the new owner of show has lots of costs , and of course he has done his sums and reckons he can still make a profit on the show ,which is great , however the whole toilet situation was crap!! I guess there will be one simple test and that's next year if bogs are exactly the same as this year , we all know for sure he does not give a flying ****!
  10. Capel is a good weekend show think earliest u can camp is a Thursday till Monday
  11. The only time those bogs without flap are acceptable is if you are the first one in there after emptying and cleaning ,after that they ain't acceptable in this day and age , also get some dedicated urinal blocks , see them at other shows we do .
  12. Fuss about loos cheeky b****r ! They are charging extra for loos ,at a show we already have to pay to get into ! Organisers can pay a bit more for hire and get some bogs with a flap over the pile of dung!
  13. Went down to the hop farm for a couple of days great to catch up with fsc guys , the show felt like it was back in its correct location certainly far better than Folkestone,lay out was good and a varied selection of Mvs if u went round whole site showers and toilets were to usual standards ! (. Get some porta loos with flaps !):shocking:
  14. I quite like the fact that my ferret after being stored a while takes a bit to prime fuel system , gives a chance for oil to get round the internals
  15. Bought a few of the 24 hour rat packs fiver each at capel exp date 2019-2020 and there is still beans and bangers for brekkie !
  16. You could also try brake pix switch on end of master cylinder is not being activated on ,by master cylinder being :sticky: corrosion can some times cause this
  17. Agreed get past the contrived banter and it's interesting ,I view it in the same vein as the American series weapon hunter ,look past the made for tv bit and under neath is some interesting stuff , speaking as one of the masses
  18. Sounds like a management post !!!!:cool2:
  19. On a recent visit got chatting to a long term employee at duxford who was its fair to say pretty disallusioned with the whole place and stated that that changes in policy are down to new boss whose previous job was at the v and a museum in charge of children's clothing ! Roumer was land warfare close down and some exibits from there would be scattered around the other hangars
  20. Seconded really good day first time to brooklands with the wolf well worth a visit cool place
  21. Working in civil aviation, nitrogen filled systems are common place, as Richard suggests a accumulator like you describe on the Saracen I would suggest checking px every couple of weeks , what px are they being charged to? Ques 5 yes to lose all px in a year strikes me as possible , only way to know is charge them fully then monitor leak down rate , u can check for leaks wild a soapy water mix if theirs a leak u will see bubbles
  22. What was the temp that day and what was max temp u saw on ferret temp gauge?
  23. Yes it will be sad to miss head corn this year , but really looking forward to new show at hop farm this weekend cold beer on the grass bank watching events in the areana unfold might even take the ferret for a few laps on it.
  24. Driving my fsc I use non anr intercom headsets plus foam ear plugs can still hear vehicle commander at junctions , saying Clear or Stop , and helps but not stops the mechanical noise from drivetrain from causing i hope too much hearing damage.
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