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WW1 finds and discoveries

Great War truck

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Over the yeas of accumulating parts, two ancient hub meters only have turned up. Both manufactured by Henry Miller of London. An interesting form as the extended hub could well be vulnerable to being damaged.

 I would assume the meter was read for distances travelled in deliveries, then used in charging out  delivery costs.


Miller Hub meter  alt eml 2394.jpg

axle  hub meter alt eml 601.jpg

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..........and I thought that the superstition of "three's" was only an American thing!!!!  🙂

I would sure like to stumble on a set of three Riker parts trucks!

I hope that these very fascinating Renault trucks can find an owner to show some love and attention and bring them back from the current "Dormant" state of affairs.


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I would love to restore one of these. Were they actually used during WW1? I remember seeing a picture of a crane on a tank chassis, I think it was on this forum. Here is a picture of a Dewald with a crane mounted, post WW1.




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This nice picture turned up on the Citroen 5HP forum. A ww1 Ford ambulance between two Citroen 5HPs at a girls college? Or ambulance drivers? The First cittroen has a license plate from the Rouen area.



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