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  1. Sentinel Standard steam lorry or something similar
  2. Starting to get the hang of this lockdown as I appear to have unlimited shed time plus my child work force. IMG_4360.mov
  3. Chassis given a few coats of top coat in between festive eating and drinking. Body jacked up and trolley removed ready for chassis marriage tomorrow , all of a sudden it looks a bit on the tall side. In theory it’s about 3” higher on the stands than it will be on the chassis for real minus a bit for spring compression.
  4. Foundry located inNorfolk who are going to cast the pump casting and the radiator side castings in the new year. Gearbox bearings and seals arrived so I can think about getting the box back together over Christmas . Back axle stripped and blasted so I can start getting “ diff “ inspiration hopefully scheming something out of what oily lumps of diffs we have accumulated. Repro nuts and bolts arrived caught me out how long it took to swap with the temporary bolts. Fuel tank fittings freed off and cleaned, realised the fuel cap had been repurposed to the Kiwi made gearbox top. L
  5. “Not much” other than collect parts/info . Mainly due to the fact we are getting on with the Daimler and the Dodge pickup. Going to use the period Leyland engine that came in a box of lovlyness from NZ . Because the Dodge wheels need sorting we gave those to Greg the wheel to work his magic instead of the Palladium wheels as we don’t need them for a while. We have located another body which we can’t extract from its 60 year + resting place yet as it’s boxed in . Bit of a tease but in a word it’s “puka “ and correct for the Palladium, so watch this space.
  6. True if you use tap water only or a average antifreeze. Shuttleworth were (maybe still) using a Honda coolant in the aircraft because of the inhibitors and I know others use deionised water which is why I choose to use the waterless coolant as it ticks all boxes with no expiry date. The problem with it is that it finds the slightest hole or crack which more often than not wouldn’t leak with conventional coolant , so you need to be water tight from the off.
  7. Brief update , engine stripped with the block now being bored and sleeved and hardened valve seats fitted . Gearbox partially stripped,for full clean and check. . Rear axle about to be stripped as half shaft hub threads waisted plus brakes are rough to say the least plus axle/spring pivots seized solid. Wheels not due back until early next year with new spokes as required.
  8. Cheers Thomo, this casting is pretty poor on the coolant side which we have blasted several times with it sweeting after each occasion lifting off another layer each time .Leaving us two options two pack epoxy which we have successfully used before or cast new. The problem we have is that the local non ferrous foundries are not interested in one offs. We might of got it sorted by calling in a favour before we go traipsing across the country.so we will wait and see.
  9. In the box of lovlyness were the radiator side castings which had already been prepared as patterns saving us a bit of extra effort. The water pump casing is quite badly corroded and in two minds over repair or renew, this I think will be the latter.
  10. Gearbox all stripped and cleaned large amount of road grit which presumably entered the box through the broken casing which has resulted in all the bearings being unserviceable. All the original bearings are Hoffman who were based in Chelmsford where as the bearings in the lorry were Swiss . New bearings are all on order and due in this week. We will do the same as we did with the lorry and fit double lip seals with the minimum of modification as I personally prefer to have things as oil tight as possible in our environmental sensitive world. After numerous under coats the wheels have gai
  11. Hello Tim We use Dave Swaffield for our bolts https://historicthreads.co.uk/ all CNC small batches no problem ,near your HQ as well
  12. Due to a slight delay in the chassis bolts coming which are metric bolts with pre war whitworth heads I decided to get the gearbox done so we can fit it to the chassis before we fit the body saving us jacking the box up from underneath as it’s plain heavy. Gearbox casing has some damage which we think will stitch bolt in a plate with a new flange with sealant for good measure . Once we had the gears out found some spare iron mongery in the bottom miracle that none of the gears had picked any of the bolts or knife section up.
  13. American Rambler engine built by Thomas Jeffery who incidentally sold his bicycle factory to a Col Pope. Slightly bigger on the bore but 1/4 “ less on the stroke so hopefully the bus will perform closely to the original.Has some nice features McCord 7 port lubricator,3 mains &4 cylinders. Nice American Bosch DU4 mag which is relatively common and identical to the one fitted to my Dodge so the spare will cover both vehicles. Early Holley carb that just sounds right with no spitting or dribbling but as I reported earlier drinks petrol like one o . The ally water pump housing is holed and b
  14. Radiator mounting studs machined up as luckily the remains of one was in the box of loveliness which we used as a pattern.. Fitted a starter motor and alternator the latter will get a casing to resemble the dynamo originally used Fired up the engine for the first time, a few known problems to attend to but wanted to see what it ran like as we had been told it was a runner when we bought it. What we quickly found out it loves Petrol so don’t expect to many mpg . For some reason the tappets sound louder in the clip than when stood next to it . FullSizeRender.mov
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