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  1. True ,plus they have a correct front axle and wheels to replace the pneumatics
  2. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26811/lot/466/?category=list&length=483&page=1
  3. As there was no Dorset SteamFair this year for a second year my son and I decided to drive the lorry from Mersea to the Swanage railway event at Corfe Castle using as many back roads as possible being part of the challenge.The total distance traveled was 450 odd miles there and back. The drive down we split over two days with an overnight stop near Winchester due to getting held up in London which was snarled up with the Extinction Rebellion bunch.With the return journey in one hit which we managed with relative ease but a long day. The chain ferry from Sandbanks to Swanage was on our to do list the only cruel part being some nasty hills on the way especially in Bournemouth coming away up from the pier which was a bottom gear crawl. My daughter luckily had a site meeting near Tower Bridge and a combination of will and “find my friends “ a passing wave was achieved. IMG_5743.MOV IMG_5814.MP4
  4. Couple more pics of the signage this time inside the bus .These are repeated along each side downstairs.
  5. Another small step as with the lorry the petrol tank we have made to fit half the space under the seat leaving us storage space for tools and spares.The ally tank was just tacked together by Matt for a trial fit along with its Royal Enfield filler cap.
  6. Pattern i bought second hand from a guy who had restored a Daimler a number of years ago .On the whole the pattern was good but had to be repaired where it had cracked from being in a damp enviorment and dried out plus one of the core pattens was missing which had to be remade which in total probably added another man day to the job. The top and bottom tube plates are the only original items and with hind sight if i did another one i`d make new ones as the rad guys had issues soldering it up even though we had blasted them. We think there must of been some corrosion still lerking within the heavy pitting even though it looked clean making the solder reluctant to flow .Plus i`d bling it up like a Thornycroft and use brass !!!! Daimler text is highlighted with gloss black all within the loop with all the ally being polished. Bottom tank nearly there but work keeps interupting as it has become Basils fill in project with just the outlets to add.
  7. Nothing as exciting as Tomo’s but I can add a full side shot for his admirers The rad top came out of the foundry today which well timed as the core was ready to be collected which I did this afternoon and offered the whole assembly up for a looksee this evening as it will be nice to start to give the bus its face . New rad header casting offered up against the lorry to double check dims to which it’s clearly visible there’s another pattern out there somewhere as the lorry rad I was lucky in that I bought it with some Daimler parts and chassis from a stagnant restoration project.Soon became a game of spot the difference,we got up to seven variations on the lettering. Personally I prefer think both are probably correct as we know some of the other original castings have minor variations which are unnoticeable until you place them next to each other.
  8. Here`s a copy of the original Commercial Motor artical which RP has also dug out of his achive . As to the "ill fated " could it of been a photo of a Pals brigade as i can`t spot any women but a couple of them appear too old perhaps with the photo perhaps being taken in happier times but they don`t look that happy and who were "The Blackheath Hill City Sons",was Kathleen the name of the bus..... who knows ?
  9. Well how about this for a bit of luck ! A massive thanks to RP for digging these priceless photos out for me . The first photo C1910 with the body mounted on the probably new Commer and the second photo showing the same body mounted on the very same Chase we have at ours today.....unbelivable 🤩
  10. A few shots of Tomo’s effort's today as phase one comes to a close . I think the photos speak for themselves as I can’t praise Tomo enough for his work plus it’s been a good excuse to have a beer each evening to discuss the finer points including “never show a rivet a full brush”
  11. This is the ID tag on the back axle,no mention of manufacturers unless it’s incorporated in the design by way of the mirrored pointers with the circle .
  12. No , hopefully a Continental or something period will turn up by the time we get round to it . For the time being we will stabilise and treat everything whilst it awaits its turn and decide exactly what body it will end with.
  13. This one hasn`t been hiding really , probably just forgotten as it was originally saved by Michael Banfield and sold quite a while before the auction of auctions .
  14. Brilliant, I did have a quick “Google” but didn’t turn this up thanks.
  15. Believed to be a sole surviving American 1915 Chase truck RHD thought to of been supplied through a dealer in Putney where it was fitted with a second hand bus body from a Commer which was presumably requisitioned for the war effort.
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