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  1. A pair of front wheels have surfaced which was on one of the chassis cut up. What do you think Karrier?
  2. Thanks.Couple of things which made us question it’s use was the cut out in the flip section of the seat but no slot in the top “if” it had been used for returned tickets . Barry had told us that this was all original as he had salvaged this item along with his handrail in the early seventies . Your probably correct in that it was for spare tickets . Thanks for your comments.
  3. Not sure what this box was originally for but guessing it was a safe box for collecting the used tickets we have copied it from Barry s AEC B type . The flip over seat is best described as a perch and a few one liners were flying about ref who’s backside would actually fit in the gap
  4. A friend unearthed these photos which he believes were taken in the early 80s. Story is his grandfather had the job of clearing a local caravan site of all the bus based chalets many of which were mounted on WW1 lorry chassis. Unfortunately all bar one body was scrapped at the time
  5. This is one of the buses we have used as a guide.All-though it’s a AEC the dimensions are almost identical and has been perfect for our project.The kick plates are visible in these photos.
  6. Inner stringer fitted which has made the stair quite rigid . Rear platform fitted with steel brackets and modified bottom step which I have made so it folds up. The reason for this is I was forewarned that the step is a problem grounding when loading onto a lowloader.
  7. Spent the spare hours I had over the weekend measuring and going through the diff to harden up my plan . The CC crown wheel and worm are the same part number as the CB22 so and will be used to reverse engineer the new gears for the bus . The new crown wheel will have the gear profile as per original shown on the left in the pic with the internal detail to match the grafted in hub shown on the right in the pic.The Daimler diff has two planet wheels where as the replacement has four so this is an improvement for a start to smooth out the action . The shaft centres measured up to within 25
  8. Managed to bunk off most of today so between Dave and myself managed to get the stairs nailed ,still have the inner stringer to fit plus the landing. Diff bearings unfortunately are pitted and are unusual in that they are metric Id and od with a imperial width . Fearing the worse due to their size our bearing supplier had a pair old stock which have now finally found a home. The windows and front vent now have their new retainer springs fitted managed to reuse all but 7 of the ally brackets as they were beyond salvage.
  9. Diff hub split and cleaned this evening. Some rust pitting on the thrust faces far from being ideal we will call them oil reservoirs as they are immersed in the thickest of oils so will run with what we have. The Holley carburettor came back today looking very shiny after being sorted by John who in normal circumstances forms part of Wednesday night team . I won’t be cutting the gears as I don’t possess the necessary patience for being a machinest probably because you have to stand still 😁 even though a couple of us have been known to turn out the odd shaft. Dave the chippy has b
  10. The smelliest grease you could imagine when you disturb it !
  11. Started to seriously think about the diff as this proved quite painful for the lorry. I was lucky in that I was able to get a second axle which had a top casting. Over the years I’ve picked up the remains of worm drive diffs on the off chance and today it paid off in a monumental manor. I need a ratio of 7.25 to 1 = 29 teeth on the crown wheel and a 4 lead worm . I cleaned up the top casing a while back and had measured one of the spare diffs with a hunch that looks close but with 26 teeth. Undid the four clamp nuts and low and behold it dropped straight in as if it was made for it without eve
  12. Engine bulkhead repaired and sealed .Steering box stripped as it didn’t feel right and found shaft ,bronze bushes torn out due to thrust bearing braking up. All replaced thrust bearings on short supply so metric equivalent used but had to grind out centre to required size .Unfortunately a lot of the timber is beyond salvage with it crumbling away if any pressure is applied . The cross members at the back of the cab were only just holding their shape and have replaced what was necessary
  13. Borrowed a former from a friend which I adapted to make the rear mudguards which we successfully glued up three layers of 4mm ply this afternoon with the proof being tomorrow when we release all the clamps.Will glue up the second mudguard later during the week . A bit more luck in that another friend unearthed a pair of headlamps which arrived this week which share a close resemblance to the ones originally fitted to CBs
  14. First two wheels assembled by Greg with remaining hopefully tomorrow. Once they get wet and bleached it will take the sharpness away. The originals we believe were Hickory which we have replaced with Oak. A bit more soft furnishing horse trading. The leather used was all the off cuts from a posh job and blended to even out the shades. What makes this leather special is it marks relatively easily and is designed to look worn with little use and then adopts its own worn patina in a short period of time. Perfect considering we had no seat to start with ,perhaps should take the protective
  15. A bit of luck as a correct period Hackney carriage plate was flagged up to me on our favourite auction website These plates were issued to buses until the 30’s by the Met Police in a similar manor as they still are today for taxis. Apparently the crown alternated yearly with the unicorn and lion crest. If anyone can add or knows if any of above is incorrect please let me know and I’ll correct the text, thanks.
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