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  1. Sizing being expertly applied by Tomo ( breathing in ) ready for the gold leaf tomorrow, can’t wait .
  2. Our very own “Tomo” is now waving his magic over the bus and is now gaining its identity plus some additional bonus for good measure .
  3. Just came across my original notes from the man that knows at Morris Lubricants; AG250 = 800-900W crash box oil ,but i usally try the AG140 first , if it is difficult to select gear once warm i change the oil to this one .It didn`t make much differance on my Daimler lorry as it was still a fine art to get second gear when its cold but after about four miles it gets easier. AG140 = 500W this is what i prefer for the diff as i like the idea of it being thrown around inside and flowing through the bearings and not being too thick. K4000 or the thicker K400 is a semi liquid grease w
  4. Our choice of oil is Morris AG 140 or 250 oil for our axles and gearboxes . One of the problems I’ve been told about with early oils (Daimler recommended best quality steam oil ) is cavities forming on the pressure points of the teeth as the oil gets squeezed between the teeth causing cavities in the bronze teeth.Modern oils are designed to avoid this problem but time will tell.
  5. Not much to report as we have been on the bus but Chris who is usually part of the Wednesday crew wanted to tackle the wiring so a productive evening resulted in most of the loom made and in place with the additional wires for indicators and main/dip headlights. The indicators are led hidden in the original side light units. The new wheel rim bolts turned up today from Historic Threads as most of the original ones were unsafe or wrong.
  6. Tied in a work trip and collected the crown wheel and worm from Leek Gears can’t recommend these guys high enough , did exactly what they said they would when they would. New bearings fitted to the diff hub and crown wheel bolted to the hub just got to measure up and knock up the input shaft .
  7. Over the last week of evenings I have been distracted by the Dodge but Dave finished off the seat box which was mostly modelled on Bill’s period photo and a couple of other pics I liked the detail. A friend has turned up a replacement drive shaft which powers the water pump, lubricator and finally the mag as the original was worn and a poor earlier replacement.
  8. Almost identical to my 23 tourer minus the priming cocks. The head is original with the block carrying a 1919 casting date, hence the earlier position for the fan . My original block was scrapped as it was beyond repair after suffering frost damage in the distant past and cracked in every conceivable place. And yours has presumably a later fitted bumper
  9. Engine assembled and reunited with the truck starting to look how it arrived!!
  10. In the American box of goodies came the new standard size pistons. The block was bored and sleeved due to the severity of the grooves caused by the original gudgeon pins coming loose. New little end bushes are still available so an easy fix . New guides and hardened exhaust valve seats fitted to suit unleaded Even though the block had been in a cleaning tank there was still pockets of gritty sludge tucked in the inaccessible corners plus swaff from all the machining. Simon was duely volunteered to steam clean and scrub which admittedly took longer than expected. Looking for a magneto dri
  11. Used a friends shot blaster and cleaned up the tube plates this evening fitted temporary angles to hold them flat and square. Also drilled the mounting holes and had a trial fit ready for its trip to Lincolnshire to the rad guy. I won’t fettle and polish the sides until it comes back. Made a dummy base plate so I can fabricate the bottom tank whilst the rad is away.
  12. New cast ally radiator sides arrived back from the foundry last week which we used original sides from New Zealand as the patterns . The only original parts we can reuse are the top and bottom tube plates which came in a box of loveliness from Cumbria along with the unserviceable tubes which has given me the size and spacing for the gills.Managed to buy a pattern for the header tank from a earlier Daimler restoration which is now at the foundry which was a result.
  13. After a small wait my parcel of goodies arrived from the States. Apart from the usual readily available repro Dodge parts I had a real stroke of luck in that I had managed to buy a new old stock petrol tank to replace my peppered holed original from our favourite American sales site. It’s anyones guess when it was made but exactly the same it was.
  14. I`m no expert on trams so please correct me if i`m wrong, but purley going on gut instinct it appears to be a double decker tram due to the detail / style and heavier build than a bus of the same period ..
  15. A pair of front wheels have surfaced which was on one of the chassis cut up. What do you think Karrier?
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