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  1. But you won't have flat tyres...😊
  2. It will be the same part as on some civvi ford of that period i think? Have a look at a vintage ford parts dealer.
  3. It is called window glass channel.
  4. Could the 2 Daimlers of this belgian brewery be ex-army trucks?
  5. Excuse the french site but you can see the car types. MG and Triumph. https://www.betaset.fr/composant/2753-jeu-vis-platinees.html
  6. I was talking to a book seller on our Citroen meeting and he said the value of books were completly collapsing... joung people weren't buying much books. A large 300 plus pages Citroen DS book that was 350 euros now only did some 40 ... Difficult to get a living from that.
  7. Yes on the anvil. After that cleaning the oxydation away and did a "bouchonnage". With a cork in the drillpress and some valve grinding compound. After that clean with a cloth with a lot of petrol to avoid scratches. It's a job that needs a lot of attention to avoid errors...
  8. How thick is the floor? I blocked some 24 holes in my Citroen 5hp dash. But that is about 4mm thick. I took aluminium rods in the size of the hole. I took it 1mm longer than the plate was thick. Than hammered it in on the anvil and it widens and sticks.
  9. Not rust bubbling up under the paint ?
  10. And you ask them to do a sloppy finish 😉
  11. Scammel in the sea at Dunkirk, photograph for sale a Ebay.de.
  12. Think you are right. Here a pic from the Fondation Berliet.
  13. I had one of those parts washers too. After 3/4 year it was eaten up by rust paint flocking of it. Looked worse than the parts that had to go in... :-(
  14. Think you nailed it, it only has other wheels. A lot of them seem to have gone to eastern europe.
  15. Well you still preserve a lot overthere, Here in the region they levelled all 12 coal mines we had and left almost nothing.
  16. those have a bit easier paintwork... 😉
  17. Will the daimler text be highlited with paint?
  18. Looks a hell of a lot better than the stickers they slap on today...
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