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  1. those have a bit easier paintwork... 😉
  2. Will the daimler text be highlited with paint?
  3. Looks a hell of a lot better than the stickers they slap on today...
  4. Have a look at Van Dam in Holland, he bought tons of stuff from the british army. I don't know what is still there. He had piles of axles stocked. They are not visible on the website. Good Luck. http://www.dvandam.nl/pages/route/herkenbosch.php
  5. Really very nice, a friend of mine did this as a job in the 50s. He did a lot of trucks of a german chocolate factory. Gold lettering etc.
  6. Would like to turn up with that at MOT... 😉
  7. Another nice monster, i see double wheels on the trailer, might this be the normal road wheels of the truck?
  8. Found this a while ago, A Riemann acetylene lamp with integrated generator. As it is of tin and not of brass it think it might be a WW1 version. It was advertised as a mining lamp and covered in a fat coat of black and silver paint. At the inside idid find this gray/mustard coloured paint. So i did paint the complete lamp with it. What do you think of it? Glass 18cms. Helas the text on the plate was rusted beyond recognition.
  9. Lights on the trailer look like Hella ones.
  10. I found that the tanks had a engine with 2 seperate cast 2 cylindre blocks. So this might be a bit more modern. From a schneider / kegresse halftrack maybe?
  11. must have been very hot and loud in there....
  12. Peugeot did use kind of vegetal based oil.
  13. Has this bronze? wheel a need for special oil?
  14. Nice job. Did you also check the starter bushing in the gearbox. It's often forgotten.
  15. Wartburg 353 engine, it's of dkw family... don't know if it will fit. https://www.ebay.de/itm/363391354631?hash=item549bd00707:g:gaYAAOSwQ35fAZOr
  16. Is it this you are looking for?
  17. Here another Buffalo pulled out of the river Maas not far from here. https://worldwar2revisited.com/2016/01/17/buffalo-lvt-memorial/
  18. It's going to be air cooled now 😄
  19. In the Flickr selection there even is a Bantam Jeep.
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