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  1. I'll hazard a guess as Tank Bridge no2 as used with Churchill??
  2. Well done with the test, when I last drove one of these at Bruntingthorpe many years ago I seem to remember the overdrive was epicyclic and quick to engage/disengage. I also remember it had a good turn of speed.
  3. Same concept as the Indian EOI engine from the 30s.
  4. Edit, you answered my question as I was typing!
  5. You were lucky getting the U bolts out of the front axle in one piece, they are similar to Matador ones which can rust in the housing. The rears look a bit easier.
  6. I don't know the full story but Avgas 100 low lead can contain a dye. It also has a lower volatility than normal petrol and can give starting and part throttle problems. I mentioned the cat/oxygen sensor problem as I witnessed 10 litres of leaded four star which were used to rescue an early Audi Quattro that had run out of fuel and resulted in a £1k repair bill.
  7. If you mean Avgas it is 100 octane and low lead so unsuitable for any vehicle with a cat. It would be subject to duty if used as a road fuel.
  8. I think it was central London where trams were not permitted a catenary system, they used a Scalextric type groove and a plough pick up.
  9. Had they not heard of induction in those days?
  10. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/reform-of-red-diesel-entitlements/reform-of-red-diesel-and-other-rebated-fuels-entitlement
  11. Exactly as Richard said with the addition of being capable of breaking down in to packaged loads for reassembly by four men in 10 minutes. Unladen weight with a flat bed is 1.3 tons and it appears in the 1971 Chertsey book as 'in service'.
  12. That looks very much like a Jaguar XJ6/12 interior handle.
  13. Given up on linking to the post so here are the genuine tools, note the stand which takes the place of the timber that Richard mentioned.
  14. Originally posted by Andy, these are the genuine service tools. Trying to link to a previous post but having trouble......
  15. At the time the company was actually 'G. Scammell and Nephew' but I am struggling to read the transfer even by enlarging it. They were based in Spitalfields, London.
  16. 2 3/4" BSF rings a bell from years ago, 99mm/3.9" AF
  17. Was there a connection between Walter James Iden and Iden Grange, the home of Michael Banfield?
  18. From Wiki: In 1913 they (David Brown) established a joint venture in America with Timken for Radicon worm drive units.
  19. https://www.flickr.com/photos/26943652@N05/43794658582 It needs a high voltage from the Tesla transformer to get it going, take care if you try to get it to work. I also suspect it should be contained behind a screen in case it explodes. The rating on the box states 85 amps but at 2kW/24V I think that should be 8.5 amps.
  20. For those not familiar with the auction it is worth a read. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22201/#/aa1=1&MR1_length=96&w1=list&m1=1
  21. For what it is worth an Ebay seller is claiming it is correct for the Meteor fitted to a Comet. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133787595461?hash=item1f265cb2c5:g:Na4AAOSwUdFgUN4z
  22. Superb work Tomo, are the letters handed on either side or the same?
  23. I think most of us realised you replied to the wrong thread😀
  24. Where did I mention 'user name', I was referring to his business contact details at the bottom left of the listing?
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