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  1. Like to see the face of your local bmw dealer when you turn up with that... 😊
  2. Look here, he is making rubber wheels too. https://hmvf.co.uk/topic/35947-panzer-2-turret/page/17/#comments
  3. On my wooden steering wheel i used an drill with one of those sandpaper bushes on. But than you have to use a bit thicker tube.
  4. How close is the locomobile engine related to the Berliet?
  5. Well i think it's a Mannemann-Mulag made in Aachen. See their factor photo.
  6. Bavarian army truck picture for sale on ebay germany
  7. But you should try anyway as some things just fit fine or with some minor adaptations. On my Minerva i a had land-rover canvas . Only difference the back gate has to be longer on a minerva. You did see Minerva's with land-rover wings etc.
  8. Don't you know anyone who makes model steam engines, he might be able to help you?
  9. I did mail the maker for instructions of their little model, they mailed it to me. https://www.bowmonk.com/
  10. Citroman


    Dutch airfield police had them too in Amsterdam if i am correct
  11. Or take a copper (water)pipe and flatten it, drill holes and solder it on?
  12. Yes they are great, i used those mag-drills at my uncles construction firm.
  13. Wrench nr 20 was also in several 60s and 70s Mercedes toolkits.
  14. Yesterday there was an antiques program on tv a couple had a little russian home tabernacle in silver. They had the plan throwing it in the bin, but it got sold for 800 euros... People are stupid. I did fish the complete construction drawings of our local coal mine from a waste paper stack on the road side.
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