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  1. There was some pressure washer that could also have a blasting medium in the water. Could be an option.
  2. There was a replica rolls-royce armoured car here on the site. They made it for film use.
  3. Nice job, i did read ALDI on the cast in first glance. 😀
  4. That is an antique piece, you normally see this oilers on steam engines etc. 😉 P.s. Your lamp lens looks a bit like those on electric miners lamps.
  5. They were made to make an citroen V-shaped radiator, so he had to make a left and a right side. The pins can be screwed out and moved over to the other side, to make the other side. You could make one with a few pins in a row and punch strips of steel and than cut them up?
  6. A friend in France did make a tool to make those radiator "plates". Here you can see the shape of the punch tool.
  7. My 5 francs.... The story is that Citroen just after the war bought old stock of paint. The Citroen color name was Bleue RAF...?
  8. You should try a hobbyist or a college with those techniques. At the university they were happy to make a part for my friends antique grammophone. Otherwise they were printing dinosaurs and stupid things like that.
  9. Here just over the border at the Aachen technical university they can 3D-print metal. No one like that in your area?
  10. This nice picture turned up on the Citroen 5HP forum. A ww1 Ford ambulance between two Citroen 5HPs at a girls college? Or ambulance drivers? The First cittroen has a license plate from the Rouen area.
  11. I think you can go cycling in that quarry with a guide. Here an other picture from the quarry vehicles used to play around with by the local kids...in the village road.
  12. You are right so it seems there are 2 survivors.
  13. Did find another pic of the Renault in a worse condition in a garden
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