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  1. put the holed lid of a plastic bucket on the opening to prevent dirt getting in...
  2. I have this nice old carburetor. It seams to be missing it's choke valve. Make an offer.
  3. On this citroen they did the trick too but couldn't hide it and ended up with 8 wheel nuts. 😆
  4. Here a Dewald army truck on gas.
  5. Nice collection. I hope you have it protected well. Overhere they did a robbery in a small museum. A lot of his collection was gone...
  6. Like to see the face of your local bmw dealer when you turn up with that... 😊
  7. Look here, he is making rubber wheels too. https://hmvf.co.uk/topic/35947-panzer-2-turret/page/17/#comments
  8. On my wooden steering wheel i used an drill with one of those sandpaper bushes on. But than you have to use a bit thicker tube.
  9. How close is the locomobile engine related to the Berliet?
  10. Well i think it's a Mannemann-Mulag made in Aachen. See their factor photo.
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