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  1. Good morning 

    Thankyou for the reply  regarding  the peogeot  , that has clarified  several  questions for us. Further  investigation  last night , we can see where the cab has been build onto of the original framework and also have found several  traces of grey paint which confirms  its identity. 




  2. The 1525 should have the KM engine, basically the same as the IM as in my 1504 only a bit more displacement. Here is a picture of the fan setup, it is an eccentric axle that is also a tensioner for the flat belt. Not sure what you mean with oil pump plunger, but these engines have a gear pump that fills the gallery for the main bearings lubrication and the channels in the sump for the conrod dippers. No dipstick but a cork float with a stick coming out and a contact to stop the engine in case of low oil level. Regards Marcel
  3. Good afternoon 

    Do you have any information  regarding  the engine settings  ect for a 1919 peogeot 1525 truck that believe  was originally  a troupe  carrying  vehicle thankyou 

    1. Cel



      I have a manual but must check whether these details are described. If not I can take some measurements on the engine (inlet and outlet opening and closing). As your truck is a 1525 it should have the KM engine, whereas mine has the smaller IM. But the settings should be the same. Do you have any information on its history and how it came to England?

      Kind regards



  4. Many thanks, I presume that is because of the radiator fan? Until now I have not come across a picture of the same engine. It looks fairly big for a car although not impossible but I like the tank idea! There is some kind of gear wheel installed behind the clutch, what could this be used for?
  5. I found this Th. Schneider engine, it is a fairly big engine.. Anyone an idea what these engines were fitted in? Thanks, Marcel
  6. When I was restoring the Peugeot, a friend who has several old cars and motorcycles recommended Rhino Silkolene 140. He has used this oil for several decades in his vehicles, so that is what I am using.
  7. Making gears is a lot of fun! I have spent a few days figuring out the maths before attempting to make these on my contemporary milling machine. They were missing from a 1912 gas engine that I am restoring. Looking forward to seeing the new gears, it would be nice if you could make some pictures of the machining. Marcel
  8. I found the picture of the big crane. I am almost sure that I saved it from this forum but I don't know who posted it first. Regards Marcel
  9. I would love to restore one of these. Were they actually used during WW1? I remember seeing a picture of a crane on a tank chassis, I think it was on this forum. Here is a picture of a Dewald with a crane mounted, post WW1. Regards Marcel
  10. Those rear hubs remind me of the hubs on the Renault HO tractor, I don't think it is electric driven. Anyway, it is a fantastic machine, I want it 🤪😀!
  11. The torque on the diff and the halfshafts is higher on a worm drive rear and than on a chain drive. I think that is the reason that chain drive was used on quite a few heavy duty trucks until the 1950's.
  12. I think this yours as well, pictures taken back in 2012. There were lots of interesting things there but back then nearly impossible to buy anything. Quite a few people must have watched the site as I know of several items that found a good home after the owner passed away.
  13. I was given these wheels. The rubber is held onto the rims with a steel band in the center. Outside diameter is about 730mm and width 100mm. The centers have been cut out many years ago. Anyone recognize from what vehicle they might be? Regards Marcel
  14. The water got into the sump, we drained it off when we got it home. The engine is loose but will need complete dismantling before we will attempt to start it again. Transmission was just above the water level, and as it is a chain drive the diff is integrated into the gearbox so no rear end issues. Marcel
  15. Nothing has been done to the Dewald yet. It sits in our shed in a strategically positioned way as it is in my view during breakfast (when I'm home). There is a tag on the engine that says it has been modified for the use with a wood gasser by Michel Coasnès. I found an old note of this company that says 'spare parts of my own fabrication adaptable to Dewald and all types of Laffly trucks' I am guessing that this company also did the modification of the rear wheels (and probably the fronts). The truck will be restored mechanically only, and for now we will leave the tyres. Regards, Marcel
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