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  1. Thinking aloud, D1 minibus licence covers vehicles with 9-16 seats and there is no stipulation that it has to have wheels or tracks. So long as you are over 21 and passengers are not carried for hire or reward a D1 is not required but there is a stumbling block in that the vehicle must weigh under 3.5 tons or slightly more if fitted with aids for the disabled. 12 seat Landrovers were often converted to non minibuses simply by removing the cushions from the rear side mounted seats, would it be possible in the case of a 432?
  2. Is that the place in the Banbury area, a friend of mine speaks highly of them?
  3. Thanks Rob, I looked at dozens of Militants at Vass, some had 14.00, some had 15.00 but I don't recall ever seeing a tanker. Agree about the weight, I had to swap 4 wheels and tyres when I bought my Martian, the ply rating also makes a huge difference to the weight.
  4. That looks like a 15.00x20 which although was often fitted in service is a size up from the standard 14.00x20.
  5. Never seen that type of compensator used on a tandem rear, the usual way was a simple rocking beam between the springs. It looks like the chassis brace was extended to catch the springs if the chain failed. Either way was not a great success as linking the rear of one spring to the front of another forms a reactive system that transfers weight from one axle to the other under acceleration and braking.
  6. Did it belong to Dawson or is it just in their livery, they are still in business and may have some information about it?
  7. It is a Kenworth cabover that belonged to a recovery company in Bristol.
  8. Checker plate is a generic name for an embossed non slip plate, the OP required a certain pattern called diamond rather than the more common 5 bar.
  9. Correct, still available if you do an online search.
  10. Good point but it would have been necessary to clamp against a mandrel exactly the same diameter as the half shaft.
  11. That's the one you had originally which worked.
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