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  1. Going off track a tad but POG 693G is a rare beast, an RL cut down to RS wheelbase and later used at Birmingham airport as a workshop tender. https://ccmv.aecsouthall.co.uk/p311606506/h1ccd102b#h1ccd102b
  2. Why would the RLHZ fire pumps have been disposed of in 1971, I know the 4x2 versions were disposed of early as being of little use?
  3. Brilliant work, but did you realise your copular is actually a cupola?😁
  4. FYI FG dates from 67/68. See here: https://hmvf.co.uk/topic/32404-wampp-2015-unusual-10-cwt-trailer-wwii/page/2/
  5. Did it not rip the side curtains to shreds?😬
  6. Now why did I not think of that? Joking aside they often cross the belt when driving threshing machines and saws with a traction engine, reverses the direction and gives a better belt wrap.
  7. I remember seeing inside a 3 speed chain drive gearbox some years ago, apparently they were quieter than the usual spur gears and put the casing in compression rather than tension. I don't remember how they managed reverse without reverting to spur gears but I am confident some one on here will know....
  8. Presumably the second cab was for the maintenance crew whose sole job was to catch and refit the rear propshaft when it attempted to escape?
  9. That's a tad vague, does an ex military vehicle count as a military vehicle or do they mean serving military vehicles?
  10. Glad it is not just me. The other design issue is auto dipping lights, they cannot see round corners and constantly blind you until they dip. In the good old days it was courteous to dip your lights on seeing approaching lights on a bend.
  11. Good point and one I should have considered on a forum where many of us run older vehicles. I cannot find any relevant information but am almost sure that the sealed beam type units of 50 years ago were 'E' marked.
  12. Don't forget it has been illegal to use non 'E' marked bulbs for many years which can attract an on the spot fine. One of the problems with LED indicators is that if following such a vehicle in a dark area at night the human eye is incapable of adjusting to the instant light from an LED compared to the short time it takes a conventional bulb to reach full brightness.
  13. Also don't forget some truck tyres are directional which would cause problems.
  14. No, it has been week and year for as long as I remember. There was some confusion with pre 2000 tyres which only had a single digit for the year.
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