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  1. That makes sense, I remember using the overdrive as a top gear and it had a surprisingly high top speed.
  2. Remind me, do these have a 13 speed gearbox rather than the 9 speed Fuller fitted to the recovery? I seem to remember it was a 4l 4h with overdrive on 4h and a crawler. I nearly bought one from DC about 25 years ago and drove it at Bruntingthorpe but the cab was in a worse state than yours.
  3. Yes, but no blue 'change' against display name.
  4. Thanks Nick, I suspect the moderators have more advanced access to the site.
  5. Just looked into account settings Richard, there is no 'change' option for username, only email and password.
  6. Seeing as you mentioned the fantasy barn Rob, here is a list of actual and projected Millies that we expect you to get stuck into as time allows...... FV 11001 / 11002 : Ballast Tractor 10 ton General Service Medium/Heavy Anti-Aircraft 6x4 / 6x6.FV 11003 : Truck 10 ton General Service Crane Bridging 6x4 or 6x6.FV 11004 : Truck 10 ton General Service Tipper ( End Only ) 6x4.FV 11005 : Truck 10 ton General Service Tipper ( Three Way ) 6x4.FV 11006 / 11009 : Truck 10 ton General Service Fuel Tanker 2500 Gallon 6x4.FV 11007 / 11008 : Truck 10 ton General Service Cargo (14 ft / 16 ft) 6x4.FV 1
  7. What can the pump cope with Rob, do the rotors need some sort of lubrication as they would get from diesel?
  8. Just tried a vehicle search with DVLA and Q645 GFV comes up as cannot be found.
  9. Artists Rifles as in the London Regiment, I found the picture he posted:
  10. Witham after the village where Paul Southerington lived, no 'h' and no 's' on the end. Originally Witham Landscapes then Witham Specialist Vehicles. I suspect they are in poor condition as they clearly state for offroad or site use. https://bid.mod-sales.com/auctions/7671/witham10112/lot-details/09bec7d6-32c3-4f25-aef0-ac9800c72375
  11. IIRC it was member 'Artists Rifles' who found a source for the mounts. There was a picture on his Militant thread. All 4 versions of the Martian had the ball mounts as did many Militants and Constructors. Don't remember seeing them on Antars or later RLs as mentioned above.
  12. Hi Steve, There are a couple on the show circuit but not belonging to anyone I know. https://ccmv.aecsouthall.co.uk/p671095361/h2d19c300#h1f90fc04
  13. Have you looked at 1" x 16 tpi UNS? LH may be an issue.
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