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  1. I had never seen that method until a mobile fitter came out to change a super single. He failed to break the inside bead without removing the wheel, set up his angle iron and was just about to hit it with the sledge as I legged it when I remembered how our depot tyre fitter lost a chunk out of his forehead. It worked but would have been much safer with a short chain and a dog clip to one of the stud holes.
  2. Yes, but not until April 2023, currently no NI after retirement age.
  3. Just realized how long it is, was the E type for the 12000lb 'triple cookie'?
  4. I thought it was only if you were self employed and paying class 4 contributions, I haven't paid NI since I was 65. Most transport companies will not take self employed these days, certainly in my area.
  5. CPC, driver card, medical & licence. The rates in certain areas are good, the supermarket job I was doing has an earnings potential of £1250 per week, more if you work nights. Don't forget your pension will count towards your tax liability but there will be no National Insurance to pay. Most companies will want you to work PAYE either directly or through an agency, working through a limited company on IR35 was extended for a year but finished in April 2021. You will still have to put up with the idiots who carve you up and take responsibility for anything that goes wrong even if it is not your fault.
  6. The Scammell coupling had a series of longitudinal springs to dampen out movement between the TRMU and trailer (or if you believe Scammell it was a kinetic recovery device to aid starting!) I don't remember seeing anything as elaborate on the CX24S although I do seem to remember it used a Wild/Scammell type horizontal spindle winch. Various reports suggest that the transporter was not a great success and mainly relegated to cargo duties.
  7. More like Bwiskaveetsa, translates to lightning and was also the name of a machine gun produced by the Polish resistance.
  8. Most probably Fryderyk with the surname Zakowski or Zakrzewski😎. We had a Polish lad at college named Jerzykowski, needless to say we all called him Jerseycowski.
  9. Probably not of great interest but here is a photo I found on the internet, father is the one in the second row with crossed legs, possibly before he was a captain. They are on maneuvers in Białystok in north eastern Poland, 1937. Check out the character to his right!
  10. The regular answer is that there was a rumour about there being a shortage of poles for holding up the telegraph wires..... My father was one of the many that were given British citizenship after the war, one of the reasons was that Churchill was embarrassed by the Yalta agreement and the poor treatment handed to the Poles. Prior to WW2 he was a lawyer working for the Polish government and a captain in the 10th Lithuanian Lancers but spent all but 6 weeks of the war as a POW. His family were quite well off and owned a country estate and property in Warsaw, all was lost as a result of the war. He and many of his friends arrived in the UK thinking that their stay would be temporary and that they would soon be able to return to Poland and carry on as normal so most of them took on menial jobs to tide them over and did not bother to retrain for a new career in the UK. He was sent to a former American camp at Blackshaw Moor on the Leek to Buxton road and soon after met my mother on a Saturday night out in Leek. Have a read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_Resettlement_Act_1947
  11. Have you looked at Hammerite hammer finish, looks better in black than other colours?
  12. We haven't reached the 1st September yet, the notices on the pumps have been applied in advance.
  13. Were the plates that should have read Leyland Motors Ltd 'borrowed' from another manufacturer?
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