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  1. Hello John, This is supposedly a Bantam 3, might it use a similar track?
  2. Looks like a live ad for one in the UK. https://www.militarymart.co.uk/products/french-army-berliet-6x6-recovery-truck
  3. Tim, the reason it appears slightly rude is that you have misquoted Mike by substituting 'and' for 'an' which changed the meaning of the sentence.
  4. Would something like this work, eyebolts for seatbelts with a 7/16 UNF thread, correct for the era!
  5. 4x4 Global Exports Ltd at Corby.
  6. Is there a reason to have the split pins facing outward, would it not look better if they faced inwards?
  7. https://www.milweb.net/webvert/a7486/106398
  8. Thanks, that sounds rather like the 101 with a driven trailer.
  9. I'm not familiar with these, is the lower cover on the transfer box used for the 3rd axle drive on a 6x6?
  10. The caption only mentions one but you could be correct.
  11. Got to admire their solution for transporting a Land Rover to the workshops, mk2 Scammell Explorer and 20 ton low loader. Reminds me of an in service Explorer with a green Minivan on suspended tow parked outside a cafe on the A5 at Cricklewood around 1979.
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