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  1. Keruing is not great for painting as it releases resin, it also has a reputation for causing infections should you get a splinter.
  2. Otter is wartime but photo is post 1949 when the new Census Number System was introduced.
  3. Might the device on the roof be a loudspeaker to scare birds away from a runway? Another Vanguard Phase 1 at Nicosia with a similar white disc on the door.
  4. Sabre coach in better times reg CBU 636J. It must have been a flying machine 50 years ago with 247bhp. https://www.flickr.com/photos/22455491@N02/4320295990 https://www.flickr.com/photos/22455491@N02/4322593571/in/photostream/
  5. Does the book mention the trials Foden Recoveries which were based on a similar chassis cab to yours? IIRC there were five of them but they didn't have the crane as fitted to production vehicles.
  6. Binliner- also used to describe the waste trains going to landfill sites.
  7. A pair of these were sold on eBay recently, they were described as being Taskers ex water bowsers.
  8. Yet 3 years later we were building the K class steam powered submarines. Before diving the oil boilers had to be shut down, vented and a deck tour made to ensure the funnels were correctly stowed and the myriad of vents and other orifices were closed....
  9. Current owner claims he aquired it 13/08/2016 Last logbook change 23/08/2016, do DVLA issue new logbooks for vehicles reported stolen? Last MOT 09/01/2009, one day and 7 miles after failing on excessive structural corrosion.
  10. I would believe anything when the MoD is concerned but the DESA info suggests that Veolia only deals in waste. They cover thenselves by referring to 'special waste' which could cover just about anything. DESA contractors Each of the DESA contracts have been competed through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) tender procedures, and are regularly audited against strict contractual obligations, and are compliant with environmental and health and safety regulations. These contracts not only supply a collect to dispose service, but also offer a wide range of refurbished
  11. I think this is the one, HAH8187Y01 but check first. If not Dave Crouch can probably supply a used one.
  12. It's simply not PC and against current health and safety regulations. Apart from littering the countryside there is the possibility of striking a bystander known as brass on blue.
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