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  1. Neil, I second that thanks. Now I know most likely what my mailbox ornament came off from originally. Maybe, someone will need the wheel sometime, if not I am happy just the way it is! Al
  2. Thanks....that is a term not used much here in my area. I have never heard it before! Al
  3. I didn't realize that the picture was going to show as a thumbnail, so I will post another nice Riker Picture for you. Al
  4. Good Morning to my east side of the pond friends. I located another picture of an early Riker Electric truck, which I will post. What a beast it is! My second thought is a bit off subject. Last evening I watched the first in the BBC Masterpiece movie series "All Creatures Large and small". I am an avid Masterpiece enthusiast, Downton Abbey, Poldark, Doc Martin, Sherlock Holmes, all others and now the above mentioned. I read religiously all the short stories by James Herriot earlier when we used to read the "Readers Digest". Being a country boy myself, where we had an active dairy, farme
  5. Nice, You can see the trigger arm for sure... Al
  6. 3 (note the "S" cast into a spoke) Al
  7. I am snowed in and thought I would share a picture of a five spoke, cast, hard rubber tire truck wheel that has adorned my mailbox for about 40 years. Can anyone here venture a good suggestion as to what it is? I will post three pictures 1-
  8. Picture 3 (note the "S" cast into one of the spokes) Al
  9. Here is a set of three pictures of a solid rubber truck wheel that has adorned my mailbox for 40 years. I do not know what it is off. Can anyone share an idea? Picture 1
  10. jp... I agree, given the time frame we are discussing here and the subject "Champagne", society was probably more indifferent to small spelling "bobbles" like we have seen. The same goes for small nuances on our early trucks, stampings, castings, fit and finish, identification and etc.. I really guess that we just looked at things with a different set of eyes than we do now. Even the "Good Book" has indifferent spellings, punctuation and grammar! But guess what, we still consider it the "Good Book". It surprises me, that as I sift through my small Riker and Locomobile literature coll
  11. Good Morning Fellow enthusiasts. It is Christmas Morning in the western US. It is my desire that everyone who takes a moment to check out this thread regarding a potential Riker Truck project, Do Enjoy Your Christmas. Come back and share your thoughts... And a Happy healthy and safe New Year.... Al PS: Nice vintage photo above, thanks for posting! I think this type of mechanical transportation was much more common in the 1900 time frame than the electric Riker delivery truck of 1900, even in America. Here in the western US, very few motorized vehicles were here until around
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