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  1. Nice unit for sure. Did the flooding get into the engine, trans. and the rear end? Al
  2. Here is another war time picture of the Locomobile factory and Riker trucks. Al
  3. Nice pictures of a great truck. Al
  4. Hello Marcel, Thanks for your note telling me how ot access your old thread! I need to spend some time and read from front to back. You have provided several interesting solutions to problems facing a restoration of an early truck. Your resolution for refurbishment of hard rubber tires is a very nice alternative solution. If I could find some donor wheels here in the US I would certainly consider your repair method. Al
  5. Hello Cel, What is the name of your forum Peugeot thread? I would certainly like to read about your project and see the current status. I am still not the best with migrating around in this HMVF, but I am getting better!!!! Al
  6. Ian, Have you learned what the name or the polyurethane product was used for making your rear tires? I have done some scouting around, (and found several possibilities), but would like to find a more affordable source for the Poly material.. Al
  7. Here is a few more pictures of the Case wagon running gear. It is these wheels that I want to try my hand at pouring my one rendition of a hard rubber tire using a Poly product. the first three pictures show the steel spoke wheels. The last two pictures tell another story. I am missing one of the original cast iron hub caps. I decided to send one cap off and get a set of bronze caps that I can polish and make the gear a bit more showy. One cap is the original cast iron cap the second is one of the new Bronze caps, (still need to be machined to fit). Maybe someday the future Riker projec
  8. More pictures of the Case running gear to follow.... Al
  9. This forum is GREAT! I have been given some terrific ideas on restoration of several items in my back yard, along with the dream of a Riker based around my engine. I will post a picture of a 1910ish J. I. Case wagon wheel, part of an under carriage that I have, and make roadable wagon. Sadly, as the picture depicts, it is currently on steel wheels. This talk of Poly....tires has given me the idea that I could pour my own "hard rubber" update tires on these steel wheels and end up with a steel spoke J. I. Case wagon that I could tow down the road, (maybe with the Riker or one of my antique
  10. Nice follow-up information! Past History is good to know as we walk into the future. Maybe we won't make as many mistakes! Al
  11. Nice Peugeot... What is the current status of the truck? Your picture is about 10 years old. I really like your cast spoke wheels! Al.
  12. Ian, Did you invest any time sanding out the lathe turning evidence, before you put the Liberty on the road? I am very impressed with the end result regarding your new rear wheels! Al
  13. Nice research. Maybe someone could add pictures of that area and specific Military installations suggested in the previous post. Another thought, some Geneology websites have folks adding pictures of the grave markers around the world. Maybe a SA Geneologist, in the local SA area, could share some specific pictures and information regarding the time frame of this nice thread and help solve this mystery of the missing grave.
  14. This is a delightful story! I feel that this story is most fitting to this Military forum venue. I wish we had a similar Military story of my Wife's great-grandfather who served for a couple of years in SA during the Boerer War. I hope you have set a good example for others who may have a Military story to tell. Al
  15. It appears that the crsftsman, who did this project must have filled the form with water first in order to know just how much poly product was needed to fill the void. I almost guess that the liquid Poly was poured into the mold in at least two places if not four with sprew ports in between to allow the air out. I think I would like to give this process a try sometime! Al
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