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  1. Nice work on the quadrant. You will certainly be happy when you run the truck while the throttle and spark adjustments will stay in place!!!!! Al
  2. I don't suppose that anyone has dug a Riker frame out of the hedgerow this spring? 🙂 Al
  3. Any new wiggles on the Riker/Locomobile truck front? Al
  4. oh man........to bad that our fore-site is not as good as our hind-site! Nice pictures, none the less! Al
  5. Hello Andy, Thanks for your reference. Yup, Dave was just trolling for a sale of a radiator shell that has ZERO to doing with this WW1 Thornycroft rig. Thanks for helping us to sort out the EBAY listing. Now if that piece was from an original 1917 Riker........... Al
  6. Hello Dave, I tired several ways to see what you are selling on US EBAY and also UK EBAY. Please purify your EBAY listing as it does not work as is. It may be good to suggest what it is that you are selling, you may have more interest. I am curious but lost! Al
  7. Here is another current EBAY Locomobile/Riker piece of sales propaganda for sale. Al
  8. I would certainly like to be your shop helper for a few days and learn a bit more about mold making! I am envious but happy for your success and skill set! Al
  9. Neil, I second that thanks. Now I know most likely what my mailbox ornament came off from originally. Maybe, someone will need the wheel sometime, if not I am happy just the way it is! Al
  10. Thanks....that is a term not used much here in my area. I have never heard it before! Al
  11. I didn't realize that the picture was going to show as a thumbnail, so I will post another nice Riker Picture for you. Al
  12. Good Morning to my east side of the pond friends. I located another picture of an early Riker Electric truck, which I will post. What a beast it is! My second thought is a bit off subject. Last evening I watched the first in the BBC Masterpiece movie series "All Creatures Large and small". I am an avid Masterpiece enthusiast, Downton Abbey, Poldark, Doc Martin, Sherlock Holmes, all others and now the above mentioned. I read religiously all the short stories by James Herriot earlier when we used to read the "Readers Digest". Being a country boy myself, where we had an active dairy, farme
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