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Firearms Ban


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Well I wish I could vote, but I imagine a vote from Texas wuldn't count for much over there.

I am a past president of the Houston Gun Collectors Association and have been a life long collector of fine military weapons and nothing rankles my hide worse than anti-gun movements.

I hope you guys can fend off the anti-gun nuts, but it will be a tough fight. Good luck guys.

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This subject really get's me going!!

Since gun's were banned, gun crime has gone through the roof!! :evil:

And we all know why, because the goverment do not punish criminal's!!

I am sick criminal's getting away with murder, rape and robbery. :evil:

We all go to work, pay our taxe's and try to be decent people and what do they do, take away free road tax!!.

I am fed up with criminal's getting treated better than decent people :evil:


Rant over :D

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