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  1. hi, does any body have any woodwork for the p14 rifle, just got one, but its been sporterised and would like to put it back to how it should be cash waiting thanks.
  2. yes i think they do, will go over to the barn in the week, and see what i have, its a few miles away from where i live
  3. I think i have a frame for one of those, its big and heavy, and made of metal poles, you would need a fv432 to carry it
  4. Hi, bought a 300 watt charging set , appears to have never been used. even the petrol tank looks like it has never had petrol in it. oil is clean, oil in air filter is clean but it is seized i'am no machanic, so any body got any ideas before i pick up the spanners and blunder in thanks
  5. shame its not a bit closer, my ferret was with the sqn in 1965, but duxford bit to far for one night. keith
  6. Thank you Tony, that was soooo easy, didnt know you could do it on line thanks keith
  7. ok really stupid question, need to tax ferret. ITS FREE, NO TAX DISC NEEDED. do i still need to go through the motions at the post office ?
  8. dishwasher! bit risky, only use when wife out
  9. you both got me worried now 34ba37 ferret
  10. fully understand, and not a problem. be there sat and more than happy to pay the entrance fee thanks for the reply keith
  11. can you still get into this show free, if your a member of the m. v. t keith
  12. emer v 627 mod instr no 111 in order to meet future and continental traffic regulations, a hazard warning system is incorporated in the turnlight circuit. issue 2, jan 75 but it also states note, this issue 2, pages 1-7 supersedes issue 1, pages 1-6 dated oct 73
  13. drove 2 1/2 hours to stoneleigh, very disappointed. so what's happened to this show, not in the 2 main halls, just in a small hall round the corner, did i go to the wrong show ? last time i went there were loads of stalls and you had to fight your way round, this time it was like walking round a surplus store when they were shut. hope malvern hasn't changed
  14. griff66 got the 2/3 turret for you, pick up when you like, your right , will make your ferret look better.
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