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  1. Hi all, As mentioned elsewhere i'm helping organise an event on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales on 2-3 June this year - the seafront town of Tywyn was used in the Second World War for DUKW's practising for the D-day landings, and as such it would be great to get one along to the event, although no doubt not cheap! Does anyone know of a DUKW owner who could be interested in travelling to the event? Thanks, Rob
  2. Hi all, I'm helping organise an event on the weekend of 2-3 June to mark the centenary of one of the locomotives on the Talyllyn Railway, built in 1918 for the Royal Naval Air Service and continuing to serve with the RAF through to the end of the Second World War: http://www.talyllyn.co.uk/details/no-6 As the locomotive served in both world wars, as well as the Talyllyn running through an area which had a lot of military camps during the Second World War (the beach at Tywyn was used for DUKW's amongst other things) i'm looking for military and civilian vehicles to attend the eve
  3. Lads from the Great War Society looking great as always, unfortunately couldn't make it this time - maybe November?
  4. Rlangham


    Glanced at a book on the story of Beamish's transport whilst visiting last week - apparently the plan is to return it to original condition as, I think, a refuse lorry at some point as part of a recreated council depot, and apparently the lorry has been modified at some point in the past
  5. Rlangham


    Sorry to bump this up from the past but felt I had something worthwhile to contribute! The Daimler is still at Beamish in the garage - last time I was there you couldn't view it too well though, i'm there tomorrow. It's still on solids - the Daimler CC bus replica they built in the 1980's was on pneumatics up until this year when it was repainted and put back on solids. Now it's on solids it is, at least in my view, a perfect replica - even the pedals are arranged like the originals. I haven't seen it in use since it was re-wheeled but hope to soon
  6. Looking good - the only pre-WW1 motor commercial lorries i'm aware of off the top of my head are the Albion at the National Motor Museum, the Daimler lorry at Beamish and the privately owned 1913 McCurd so will definitely be a sight to see
  7. Charawacky, good to meet you at Stow Maries, I was the young Royal Flying Corps chap - haven't had the chance to deal with photos yet as been a very busy month with work, then spent a week in Gallipoli, Tankfest etc, but cobbled together this video this evening of the clips I took of your tender at Stow Maries;
  8. Ian, that's superb news! I believe the IWM had a Leyland RAF type in storage at their Duxford site
  9. My best bet would be water tanker
  10. When will it be available? Would definitely like to pick up a copy
  11. Paddy, PM me your e-mail address and i'll get photos sent to you of all those parts
  12. Glad you like it, it's superb! I don't know if I mentioned but one of the BE2's is being restored to fly again - the engine was ran for the first time in a long while a week or so ago http://www.biggles-biplane.com/ A Crossley staff car appears at some point, and the Napier re-appears in Season 2. There's also a lorry with solid wheels which i'm not sure is original or a replica which was also in 'Aces High', as well as at least one German staff car and a Renault-esque British staff car. I was very impressed with the Royal Aircraft Factory set, be a shame if they removed it again a
  13. How many complete B types are there? I only know of the ones at the IWM and the London Transport Museum
  14. Have you seen them on used on non-Albions before? I've got a great photograph of a line up of Albion A10's down one side of a tree lined road, all with the blankets on
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