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  1. Hi all, As mentioned elsewhere i'm helping organise an event on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales on 2-3 June this year - the seafront town of Tywyn was used in the Second World War for DUKW's practising for the D-day landings, and as such it would be great to get one along to the event, although no doubt not cheap! Does anyone know of a DUKW owner who could be interested in travelling to the event? Thanks, Rob
  2. Hi all, I'm helping organise an event on the weekend of 2-3 June to mark the centenary of one of the locomotives on the Talyllyn Railway, built in 1918 for the Royal Naval Air Service and continuing to serve with the RAF through to the end of the Second World War: http://www.talyllyn.co.uk/details/no-6 As the locomotive served in both world wars, as well as the Talyllyn running through an area which had a lot of military camps during the Second World War (the beach at Tywyn was used for DUKW's amongst other things) i'm looking for military and civilian vehicles to attend the event, anything from 1914 to 1945. If interested please let me know, as well as the historic locomotives in use the railway is in a stunning valley in southern Snowdonia! Thanks, Rob
  3. Another vote for the new IWM in Lambeth being the worst. Speaking of Beverley, does anyone know where the WW1 armoured train carriage with 12 pounder at the rear is?
  4. Where would one find makers plates such as that? Would love a North Eastern Railway one - off the top of my head they made around 1,500 horse drawn vehicles during the war, so would hope there's a few out there....
  5. Fantastic, looking forward to following this. Especially as it's being completed as a gun tractor. Do you have the book 'London Gunners'? It's a superb account by one of the Officers of the Honourable Artillery Company's RGA Siege Battery, equipped with 6 inch howitzers towed by FWD's, and there's many references to the FWD's. I have a number of photos from the IWM Collection showing FWD's in British service, you may have seen them already but i'd be happy to send them over, just PM me your e-mail address
  6. The smaller looking radiator is the same fitted to the pre-WW1 North Eastern Railway Maudslay motor omnibuses which were converted into lorries in October 1914 for the War Department (can supply photos privately if of interest)
  7. Stunning. What shows will you be at this year? Hopefully Beamish with the Durham Pals at some point?
  8. Photos of the Great War Society's display and other exhibits at Tankfest 2013 at the Tank Museum, Bovington. As a tip of the hat to the Great-uncle of a chap who joined us on our display, we portrayed the crew of D50 'Dainty Dinmont', the story being that our Mk IV, B46 'Big Brute' had been newly transferred to our unit and not re-marked yet. Photos of the TWO Rolls Royce armoured cars and other exhibits to come... A7V and (part of the 18!) crew Our Officer during his talk on the Tank Corps, the men and the machines With Sewell VC's Whippet Germans and 'captured' Mk IV Taken in a dust cloud created by movements in the arena
  9. There are several a year already courtesy of the Durham Pals living history group although we haven't had a WW1 motor vehicle there yet - if you fancy coming let me know and i'll put you in touch with the head of the group; http://durhampals.org.uk/ 15th/16th June 17th/18th August 19th/20th October
  10. Thanks, going back to Gallipoli later this year so look forward to seeing them again
  11. Could include other activities being undertaken by the London Transport Museum, exhibitions, awareness campaigns, attendance at events for the vehicle etc etc etc
  12. In WD spec, I know of three - Rick's, the one on this thread, and one with an X Ray body on the back, captured from the British and in a museum in Istanbul. Civilian wise there seem to be a few in the UK, there was a 1919 one at Beamish the same weekend as a Pratts Motor Spirit delivery vehicle
  13. Was very pleasantly surprised to come across this photo of a newly restored Albion A10 on it's first outing since restoration, it was at Beamish at the weekend - yet another reason to kick myself for not going! Does anyone have any more information on it, owner etc?
  14. The Coventry Maudslay taken about five hours ago
  15. Hi Rob, the WW1 version with recoil system and gun shield? Where abouts are they? Thanks, Rob
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