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  1. Hi Doug, Lockdown in UK meant I was unable to get to the post office to get an accurate quote for sending the booklet to NZ so used their on line facility. My daughter in law took it yesterday & informed me that it would only cost £3 as it will post under normal letter size & weight. I don't know if this will help but thought I'd let you know anyway. kind regards Bill
  2. Hi Doug, Thanks for your reply to my ad on HMVF re Zenith 36 VEI carb. The best price I can find to post to NZ is £6.80 which would be 6-7 days delivery. If this is OK for you my PayPal account is bill.lizzie52@gmail.com Postage is the killer on deals like this but of the booklet will help out I'll be pleased to send it to you kind regards Bill
  3. I have an original "working and adjustment" publication for a Zenith 36 VEI which is described as being fitted to a Leyland Cub. Zenith reference number is V6. £3 covers my cost..... Would it be of interest to anyone? I'm UK based but have PayPal and will post worldwide at cost Keep up the good work guys I love this forum!! Bill
  4. Ah well, panic over! Tracy Tools have ONE tap in stock....they reckon Whitform so I've gone with that. Well done everyone I knew the answer would be in your combined store of knowledge. Wikipedia eat your heart out!!! Happy & safe Christmas and New Year to all
  5. It's the gearbox primary shaft so it's possible it could be a replacement. I hadn't come across UN extra fine before! The things you learn on this forum!!!!
  6. A bit of thread hi-jacking again....I'm not in the same league as you guys but I'm rebuilding a 1934 Singer car and have found a thread size I can't identify. It's 1" diameter 16tpi and just to confuse...is l/h! Any ideas would be appreciated and I apologise again for butting in!
  7. Hi Mark, I've used p2g extensively and this is the first time there's been a problem. It doesn't look as if it has left the hub so I don't think the post code is the problem. However, no doubt we'll see. Thanks for your patience! And for looking out for Singer bits 😀 kind regards Bill
  8. Thanks, I hope someone will find it a good home...very cheap!!
  9. I'm a great fan of HMVF and am staggered at the amount of effort that goes into rebuilding the vehicles; makes my own efforts on cars of the period seem puny by comparison! Does this switch panel belong to a WW2 vehicle? There are no makers marks that I can see just 54-62-1E. Both switch move with satisfying clicks, but don't know if they are electrically sound. Looks very clean though.. 3.5" overall diameter x approx 2"deep including terminal posts. Face plate is aluminium & has had crackle black finish. Any help in identification appreciated. Best wishes to all for 2020 and please keep the blogs coming...I love them!!
  10. She looks fantastic! wouldn't Mike J have been pleased!! Is that a United Africa Co Sentinel next to her in her new home? I remember them on the docks in Birkenhead in the mid to late '50s. It was worth putting up with my parents' shopping trips just to see them!! Bill
  11. I haven't been on the thread for quite a while. But have to say congratulations. Mike would have been so proud!!
  12. I came across this by accident. It is actually advertised as an old railway carriage, but it is on an AEC Y type chassis. I don't know any other details but it might be worth a look if you live nearby or you are looking for parts...who isn't? eBay item number: 202047206384 hope it is of use to someone Bill
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