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  1. Hi I don't mean to hi jack the thread, but it seems some knowledgeable types on here. I have a Royal Enfield with the following: Frame number is 19751, engine number is 14182 I s anyone able to provide information on these? Regards Tyler
  2. Hi Bob, just listed these in the classifieds if your interested.
  3. Military Infrared headlight lenses with seals and storage box, in as new condition. Purchased for a project, I have has since sold project vehicle. Would possibly be prepared to split lenses and box. £400 ono
  4. Chris we own a EPV, do you recall the registration as only 12 made, ours is currently the only one in private hands as the rest were sold abroad to foreign governments when demobbed, any photos of your time with them? Also messaged you regarding another topic.
  5. I'd be interested to know what they went for, to assist in valuing the Ex 22 SAS range rover we have.
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