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  1. It is where I found the photo yes. Would it fit the current make up/setup of the bike, as I'm trying to figure out how/where it fits hence the photos of the area of the bike it would fit.
  2. Can anyone tell me if this is the correct center stand assembly for the bike, and are there any other suppliers/recommended suppliers. R/E WDC CENTRE STAND1 939-1942 Royal Enfield Centre stand.
  3. Has anyone used one of these repo headlight units or know how good the quality is? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DU42-Blackout-Headlight-headlamp-6-5-Dia-Military-model-BSA-Triumph-Norton-uk/264828560944?hash=item3da9032630:g:IG4AAOSwMX1fNRob As I have the bowl, switch panel but no clips ect, blackout or reflector. So thought about getting one and using those parts from the repro? Also where does the Speedo drive fit? As I cant see anywhere obvious on the bike or front wheel, Also what does it look like and best supplier. Also looking for a damper knob/assembly. And are t
  4. Hi Thanks all for the detailed response and information, even if it is not what I was expecting She's my first bike, my plan was to return her to original configuration and register her, possibly leaving a nod to the Bar-None MCC. I've already mocked up/refitted all the parts that I can so far that came with it, the rest like the tool boxes speedo etc would have to wait until the exhaust moved back to stock route etc I will most likely speak to the seller about it and worst comes to the worst move the bike on, a wartime bitsa was fine by me but now its not that. What would the value
  5. As there's some knowledgeable types on here. I have a Royal Enfield with the following: Frame number is 19751, engine number is 14182 Is anyone able to provide information on these? Photos of all the markings I could find at present. Regards Tyler
  6. Hi all, I collected this yesterday. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164473188393 "I am selling my beloved Royal Enfield WD C/ O. This bike was completely restored 4 years ago initially as a standard despatch riders motorbike, but then 3 years ago I changed this to what you see now – a tribute to the Bar None Motorcycle Club. I have taken the bike to various military shows and it always gets a reaction. Most people absolutely love it and have never heard of the Bar None MCC and are fascinated by the different story and the military link. I took it to Arnhem for 3 years for the race to
  7. Hi I don't mean to hi jack the thread, but it seems some knowledgeable types on here. I have a Royal Enfield with the following: Frame number is 19751, engine number is 14182 I s anyone able to provide information on these? Regards Tyler
  8. Hi Bob, just listed these in the classifieds if your interested.
  9. Military Infrared headlight lenses with seals and storage box, in as new condition. Purchased for a project, I have has since sold project vehicle. Would possibly be prepared to split lenses and box. £400 ono
  10. Chris we own a EPV, do you recall the registration as only 12 made, ours is currently the only one in private hands as the rest were sold abroad to foreign governments when demobbed, any photos of your time with them? Also messaged you regarding another topic.
  11. I'd be interested to know what they went for, to assist in valuing the Ex 22 SAS range rover we have.
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