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  1. Take a look here:- http://www.crayfordhistory.co.uk/index/history-of-vickers-crayford/
  2. Tony just a thought with the Erith connection, have you considered Vickers/Maxim?
  3. If you have windows vista you can use paint to resize images. Hope this helps.
  4. HMS Caesar, the Majestic class battleship 1896-1920 or HMS Caesar, the CA class destroyer 1944-1966, a sister ship of HMS Cavalier preserved at Chatham Dockyard, but fitted out as a flotilla leader? Either way a google search throws up a wealth of information and photos.
  5. The Dieppe raid, but the Canadians would most likely do a better job.
  6. The clue is in the title really, Military Odyssey - The worlds largest living history event. It's a living history event with appropriate supporting military vehicles, as opposed to War & Peace which is a military vehicle show with appropriate living history. Simples! I'll be there in the field kitchen in the WW1 area, drop by for a brew if you're there.
  7. It seems it's been taken over by a "professional" event management company, who appear to have alienated a lot of re-enactment and living history groups. See here:- http://www.wwiireenacting.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=57305
  8. South East of Reims, in Champagne country.
  9. No no Jack, it's his company motor that's red!
  10. Hello Radek that's my old APT, sadly the chap I sold her to and you purchased her from applied spurious American markings and re-named her Dorothy. We called her Norah and she was marked to represent a vehicle of the 1st battalion, The Canadian Scottish Regiment, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division at the end of WW2 and the immediate post war period. My son and I are delighted to see the good work you are doing to her and really pleased that she has found a good home with you. I have replied to your PM and will tomorrow e-mail with more information and photos. Steve.
  11. HMS Caroline, a C class light cruiser of 1914 is still in commission in Belfast as an RNR headquarters ship. She is the second oldest warship still in commission in the Royal Navy after HMS Victory and is likely to remain in commission until at least 2011. HMS Caroline is the last survivor of the Battle of Jutland still afloat.
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